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Final Cara....But it is soooooo good

Well.  I had to make a decision.  I have done the Cara Box now for 6 months.  only 2 as a Blogger.  I loved it so much I decided to take on the role of facilitator for something similar for educators.  Enter the SLANT box.  What I loved about the Cara Box was getting to know a woman with a different profession, different take on life!  What I wanted though, was someone that knew exactly what I was going through.  Kaitlyn at WIFESSIONALS, who does the Cara Box is changing things up and having only 4 a year now.  I GET IT!  Holy hannah is it tough. But for me and what I was trying to get out of it, I am not sure I can commit to the new format.  I do wish her success because it brought me great happiness.
I was really excited though for my final month that I got paired with Stephanie from Be So Happy as my sender and Amanda at Cats, Cuddling & Carrot Cake to send to.  Since I do not want to spoil anything for Amanda this post is mostly about what I got from Stephanie.

A long story happ…

August Slant Box Reveal Linky!

SO EXCITED.  I am so excited that I sent out my SLANT box today!   It made all of the work putting this together worth it, I had so much fun picking out for my parter, and I hope that you had just as much fun.  Remember that September sign ups are out! I am noticing on IG that many of you are receiving your boxes already so I figured I should start the LINKY.  As I see more reveals being put in the LINKY it will be more rewarding!  I will put mine up when I get it, so my link is a broken one at the moment....It will change soon I am sure!

I will get this linky party started.  All you have to do is link to your reviel post!  Don't forget that if you are posting on social networking sites to #SLANTboxes  (if you do #slantbox you get a few hair styles gone wrong!!!!).  If you are unsure check out this link to my page where I reveal my Cara Box (another blogger exchange that I do). 
Hope you had as much fun as I did and make sure you sign up for SEPTEMBER.  AVAILABLE here or here!

Drum Roll Please.....September SLANT box sign ups are open

Hey Y'all

I had a mini panic this morning about not being able to get everything done, especially blogging.  I think I am going to designate time on Sundays, bang out 7 posts, and set them to post by them selves!  UNLESS I have something super important to tell you...Like right now!
That is right folks.
The September sign ups for the SLANT BOX exchange have opened!  I had a ton of fun getting to know my partners and as I am getting ready to send out my box to my partner I am thrilled to share with you the theme for the month of SEPTEMBER.

BUT FIRST... I want to share how I came up with it...and the rest of the themes for the upcoming months (they are by no means final).  As you know there is a question on the form you fill out for suggestions, the theme for September won fair and flipping square!  I had almost 25 people suggest it so I went with it goes.....
OH MY GOD I FORGOT (blank)  
Basically the idea is to get to know your partners classroom or philosophy of teaching…


I feel like I have not had any time what so ever to put forth into this blog.  How do you all do it?  DO you set side time daily, monthly?  Or do you just do it when you get time.  I feel like I have so much to tell everyone but I seriously have no time to sit down and write it out articulately!  I am loveing INSTAGRAM for quick updates but feel like I am letting quite a few of you down!

I have done a lot for my classroom and had a little bit of time to work in it yesterday.  I will be there all day on THursday and Friday and even have a little helper coming in to help me on Friday (Yaye!)  So hopefully I get everything done before opening week!
Here are a few down loads if you want them!  I am desperately working on getting more up and out but that takes time too.  YOu make something for yourself to use, then to change it to an editiable format takes time, then I have to upload it to a place you can download it.  It is time consuming.  I am thankful that those of you that like them, …


Due to quite a few re-matches I am extending the send out date to the 25th of August.  If you would like to send still on the 20th that is fine but I want to give the latests batch of re-matches time to get to know their partners!  I have sort of lost track of who is now participating so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!  

Hope everyone is having a ton of fun, I know I have been a bit of a slacker to my two matches but I promised that I would be back this week!  So here is a shout out to them!
To answer a few other questions: I will have a linky post up on the 25th now.  You should be receiving your boxes around then (give or take a few days).  Please link to the party if you have a blog.  Do not forget to #Slantboxes on social media!
I will open the form up for September participants around the 15th, there will be some changes on the form so bare with me on that.  I am trying something else out to make it a bit smoother of a run!

Hurry boy, It's waiting there for you!!! {5 products all Free!!}

It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you 
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do 
I bless the rains down in Africa

When I went to Africa Each and everyone of us had that song on our ipods!  What does AFRICA have to do with this post?   Well....Free stuff of course!

I saw a bunch of Pennent Banners floating around Instagram in the last few days so I decided to make some of my own.  Before I get to mine, which yes you can have, I want to show the ones I liked a lot on IG!

So then I decided to make my own.  I have a color theme.  I decided I did not want to do all animal print, or all chevron, or all anything.  I just wanted fun bright colors.  The colors I chose are blue (aqua), purple, orange, yellow, lime green, and hot pink. I also decided that my banners were going to be zebra print.  In order to do that I had to make some papers!  So today, you are going to get 16 brightly colored papers, a banner that is customizable (I will explain in a minute), 2 fo…

Being Selfish...But GIving Away Flair Pens! *Easy Contest!*

But please vote for my pup on Facebook. 

**Update** you can vote everyday!  I am going to trust that if you do, you can also leave a comment every day for more entries!***

Click on my picture of us below to go to the link.
If we win, I would get a a $150 dollar gift card to a local business on Grand Ave.  There are two I would love Red Balloon Book Store, or Creative Kid Stuff.  Mamma needs some glue-sticks!

Click on photo contest, then find the picture below and VOTE for him! HEs so cute you want to anyway right??
Leave a comment saying you did (please be honest) then after the contest is over I will do my own contest.  ONe commenter will win a new set of FLAIR PENS!!!

All you gotta do is vote for Angus McGOo!  Then tell me you did so on my blog!!!!!!
Cheers and many many thanks, Jameson

Michaels, I Have a Little Bone To Pick With You. Please Read, Action Needed.

Yesterday I went to Michaels on a whim to get the pink dye to dye this ugly white rug with.
***Side note: I have this vision of having a little nook in my math room that when doing independent work you can go grab a pillow and do your math not in a desk.  We ask our middle schoolers to sit in a desk for WAY to long, no wonder they are always wanting to walk around.****
I picked up a few other things (totaling 150$...when I came in for 2$ dye) and went to stand in line to pay for my purchase.  I got out my Jo-ann teacher discount card that has their coupon on it as I did not have my School ID Badge.  I have used this PLENTY of times in the past.  When I got up to the cashier she did not accept it and showed me a letter from their management saying that they will no longer be accepting the Jo-Ann Teacher discount card and they MUST SEE the badge showing that you are a teacher in order to get the discount.  
NOW, If I PLAN a trip to Michaels I always bring my badge, but I was coming from…

Pinterest You Are No Longer Fun

Any one else feeling this?  I am just not into Pinterest the way I used to be.  I do not know if it is:
A) the onslaught of things I like, then find out I have to pay for.  B) the fact that I feel I have seen EVERYTHING already! (it is a massive circle of craft and educational vomit that I have seen over and over.  C) my creative direction is very direct as of late, I have a very clear idea of what I want to do and therefore just search for that specific thing rather than search for broad topics.  D) my lack of funds at the moment E) the fact that I have so much else I should be doing or F) the fact that I do not feel as though people properly give credit where credit is due.
But it just kind of sucks lately.  It no longer gives me the joy it used to.  I could sit and pin for hours, but now, 5 minutes and I am done.  It is like I have come to a new era in my own life where I would rather be the one to come up with the ideas, OR, I would rather find them from the original source and mo…