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Better Late than Never Classroom Reveal

****I had scheduled this to auto send on Saturday assuming I would have updated it on Friday.  Because I was out of town and with out internet...that did not happen.  The after pictures are now posted below.... oops and sorry!!! *******

Well.  I have a classroom, I designed it for 6th grade girls as that is what I was told I was going to teach...Now...I have much more than that.  

Le Sigh!
Anyway here it is....My classroom before:
The teacher that was in the room before me had the desk looking this way.  I never sit at my desk so I eventually moved it.

Sad boring walls and sad boring tables

At least the carpet is clean.

What a kid would see if they looked at the front of the room from table 5.
Clearly I had a blank slate.  WHICH WAS AWESOME but also daunting.

So I spent a TON of time crafting and looking through IG for inspiration and here is what I came up with... My classroom after:
I got this pocket chart on sale at walmart.  Each friday I choose random students f…