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August SLANTbox Exchange Match Ups

The August theme and detailed rules for the exchange can be found HERE.   Please read this blog entry THOROUGHLY before you email me with any questions.  Matches are found in a link at the end of this post. (I have also emailed you the link to the email you signed up with.)
Instructions now that you are paired! 2) Below you will find a link to a Google Doc where I have created all of your matches.  Please download the file before asking questions about it.  Here are some things to know about the Google Doc: There are 4 tabs along the bottom.The first is a list of all of the participants in alphabetical order by email.  Like I said in the email.  You are divided into bloggers and non-bloggers.  As months go on you are more than welcome to switch groups, just let me know by indicating that you now have a blog on the next sign up!The next two are the matches based on blog ownership or not.  You need to find BOTH of your matchesTo find who you are sending to: Look for your email in the first…

June/July SLANTbox reveal

What a fun month of SLANTboxes!  The theme this month was Sunshine and the idea was to fill a box of stuff that is related to the sun, summer, or smiles really!
This month I was paired with the newly engaged Lindsey from Thriving in Third to send to and Alissa Straus from Fun In Fifth to receive from.  Both women were super.  I got to know Lindsey EXTRA well when she redesigned this awesome blog!  
So here it is with the reveals!
I had to run a TON of errands yesterday that included dropping the dog out off at the vet for his comprehensive (he is all good y'all), going to the Good-Will, Tuesday Morning, and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  When we got home this was sitting on my porch!  YAY! 

Alissa did a great job of decorating the outside to make me excited about opening it (like I wasn't already excited. 

So, Alissa posted this on IG but I am posting it now too...I love the fact that you have to "unwrap it"  I did not do that with Lindsey's this month...oops. 

Take the bubbl…


What the what!!!!!

I have 14 days before I report back to work.  Then a short 11 days after that that I go to LONDON to visit all of my family!!!!!  The day after I get back, I am with my students!!!!!!
Here is the list of my NEED TO DO: Finish my Class Birthday sign Finish my hall passes Label all my shoe boxes Print out my LSM GCF printable games Get my Choice-board organized BINDERS! Classroom Blogs Welcome VIDEO (I will be out of the country during Open House Business Cards How Parents Can Help trifold Number Line Word Wall I am Done Wall
I think that is it!  It is actually not that much!  Here is to creating!

Twin Cities Travelin' Episode Four: The Guthrie Theater and Stone Arch Bridge

Oh Boy!  I am late on this one.  TOOOOO much going on.
Have you heard this song: It is my JAM right now.
Anyway back to TCtravels.  So my friend Zhenya over at is one of the coolest chics I have ever met.  Last Tuesday was her birthday so I knew that we had to have a great day.  We decided to hand out in the Saint Anthony Main area.  We wanted to go on the Stone Arch Bridge and go to the Guthrie Theater!
We started our day out at Wild Roast Cafe, I had this white chocolate raspberry mocha and Zhenya had some other specialty Mocha that I almost got, and wish I would have because they put it in a cuter cup.  And you know how I am with my coffee.  The cuter the better.
We both got breakfast too.  All in all the drinks were really good, but SUPER sweet.  Like too sweet.  we both started to feel a little sugar sick and ended up throwing the rest away :(
We started our trek out by walking down on Saint Anthony Main.  Saint Anthony Main is this great little cobble stone road…

Midwest Blogger Meet UP?

Hey all!
Are you a Midwest Blogger?

I am trying to help coordinate a Midwest Blogger/Teacher Meet Up with Lindsey at Thriving in Third.
So here are the 5 double-yous!
Who: Any teacher from the Midwest area.  Particularly bloggers but you will not be turned down if you do not have a blog. What: a get together.  And probably a happy hour... Where: Undecided.  Read on to find out how you can help us choose. When: Not set in stone yet.  Depends on where it is located and space available.  We are thinking October or November though.  Why:  Really?  Because we are awesome.

So first things first.  We have to figure out where this is going to be.  Please head on over to 
Add yourself to the group, Vote on up to 2 places that you would not mind traveling to.  
That is it.  We will let you know more info when we get it.
OH, Share this page.

New Blog and A Giveaway!


Notice anything different?
Well I had Lindsey from Blog Designs With a Teacher In Mind redo my blog!  It is awesome!  She gave me a killer steal of a deal and the rest is history.  Go get in line NOW before her prices go up!

To celebrate I have a great little giveaway.   I was out and about at my favorite, Non Target/JoAnn/LakeshoreLearning/Gap, Store the other day.  It is called deal smart.  And just like their logo It is a treasure hunt every time:

I went looking for some garage sale signs and came out with some really good (mostly elementary) math products.  (For my Middle School Friends...I have another give away later this summer specifically for you!  But feel free to win this and give it to someone you know-Keep the FLAIRS)
So Here is my Giveaway:
It is kind of hard to see everything in there but I will list it out. One set of FLAIR PENSONE 6 STAMP STATIONMath Songs (Four books in one with the cd to accompany)Flip over Math (Center or station book...Note the manipulatives do…