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New Blog and A Giveaway!


Notice anything different?

Well I had Lindsey from Blog Designs With a Teacher In Mind redo my blog!  It is awesome!  She gave me a killer steal of a deal and the rest is history.  Go get in line NOW before her prices go up!

To celebrate I have a great little giveaway.   I was out and about at my favorite, Non Target/JoAnn/LakeshoreLearning/Gap, Store the other day.  It is called deal smart.  And just like their
logo It is a treasure hunt every time:

I went looking for some garage sale signs and came out with some really good (mostly elementary) math products.  (For my Middle School Friends...I have another give away later this summer specifically for you!  But feel free to win this and give it to someone you know-Keep the FLAIRS)

So Here is my Giveaway:

It is kind of hard to see everything in there but I will list it out.
  • One set of FLAIR PENS
  • Math Songs (Four books in one with the cd to accompany)
  • Flip over Math (Center or station book...Note the manipulatives do not come with it but you have most of them already I bet!)
  • One 36 page book of construction paper.
  • 1 Kindergarten dry Erase Crayola Number Tracer Book.

Easy Reinforcement Stamps.  Here is the link to the product.

Duh.  Construction paper and FLAIR pens!  WHAT THE WHAT!

Flip Over Math is a book that stands up by it's self.  IT is designed by the NCTM and it is actually a really good book.  I found one of these last year and used it for some of my ELL students in 6th grade.  I used it as a self learning station.  I did not have the "connecting people" math manipulative that went with it but I replaced the people with beads that students strung on a piece of yarn and it worked fine.  Here is a link to the product if you wish to buy it.  

Math Songs Is another little goodie I found while treasure hunting at Deal SMart.  IT is a hard cover book with loads of cute songs about learning math.  There was a GREAT one about the shape family!  Here is a link to this.  IT is brand new and comes with the CD!

And Finally the Crayola Dry Erase Number Activity book.

I forgot to take a picture of it so here is a link to the product and a picture stolen from google!

Ok.  I actually have TWO of these great packages to give away.  Here is what you have to do!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I might throw in a bunch of other things too.  Who knows!

Have a great day!


  1. My favourite topic to teach is strategies. I love seeing them use mental math strategies and be able to name them!

    Renee st lAurent

  2. I teach kindergarten and one of my favorite math concepts to teach is geometry. I like how I can incorporate different lessons while learning about shapes such as sorting and counting corners and sides, not just learning the names of the shapes. We can also use shapes in art projects. We don't only learn about 2-D shapes but 3-D shapes as well and we can create structures. Thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed! :)

  3. I love teaching about arrays because the students are so excited about multiplication.

  4. Teaching kindergartners to add to ten is fun and exciting to me!

  5. Even though it is difficult, I love teaching fractions to my 3rd and 4th grade special education students. I enjoy incorporating "real life" lessons!

  6. I teach K, and I love to teach patterns!

  7. I teach Kindergarten and I love teaching addition! There are so many different ways to add!

  8. I'm just getting back into teaching after a 5 year break, but I'm looking forward to fractions in 3rd grade because there are so many ways to make fractions interactive and to make them meaningful!

  9. I currently don't teach math (I'm ELA/SS), but when I was substitute teaching and student teaching, I found it was easiest for me to teach factors and multiples - my brain can handle those. I'm pretty bad at fractions/geometry/measurement because my brain has a hard time picturing things. (I still practice, just in case I ever get my own class again!)

  10. I love to teach money. I'm not sure my last post, posted so I'm doing it again just in case.

  11. I love to teach addition with regrouping!

  12. I love teaching algebra

  13. Addition and subtraction strategies. SO fun to see different kids solve problems!

  14. I love to teach geometry! My kinder kiddos love love love shapes!

  15. Basic facts!! The kids teach themselves - makes it easier :P. Otherwise geometry because it's just a whole bunch of fun and craft.
    Learning to be awesome

  16. I like teaching fractions because there are so many fun activities you can do using food.

  17. I teach grade 4 and 5 and my favourite thing to teach in math is geometry. :)

  18. Your blog looks GREAT!!! Looks like you have some awesome products for your giveaway! I'll definitely be following because I am a middle school teacher so naturally I can't wait for the middle school giveaway later this summer :)


  19. I like to teach fractions because I love doing fun activities to teach a difficult topic.

  20. I am a first year middle school teacher - I love finding new middle school blogs and I LOVE flair pens :)

  21. I love teaching multiplication! It is so fun to show them all the different ways they can do it, and get the same answer!! I just signed up with Lindsey earlier tonight to have her design my blog too!!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  22. I love teaching fractions and seeing students understand it! I thrive on the challenge!

  23. I love teaching fractions with skittles! The kids love it! They become extremely engaged and motivated when candy is involved :)


  24. I love teaching fractions to my 3rd graders. I also loved using number lines, student generated, for them to show understanding of so many different skills!

  25. I LOVE teaching fractions to my third graders like Laura! The creative options are endless!

  26. I really enjoyed teaching the FOIL method. (that is when I taught 9 and 10 graders) Onto third grade in about a month.... YIKES! I am not sure what I will like to teach!

    By the way, I like the new look to your site!

  27. I love teaching division! They think it is so hard and then it is extra rewarding when students get it.

  28. I LOVE teaching Pythagorean Theorem. I have no specific reason why...just do!


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