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OCTOBER SLANTbox Exchange Signups Are NOW Open

Hey all I am changing it up a little bit.  At the Beginning of the summer I had a request to open the sign up window longer.  This resulted in people needing to drop out, people forgetting that they signed up, and over all a pain in my but for re-matches.  Last month I had at the beginning of rematching 27 people who needed a partner to send them a box, but only 4 people who needed a partner to send to.  I am not sure if shortening the window for sign ups will help but I think it will at least drop the number of people who forget and need to drop out. 

So here we go.  Yes sign ups have opened.  I will be closing them on October 4th so that I can make matches on the 5th.  You will have until Wednesday October 8th to let me know that you have responded to BOTH, YES BOTH of your partners. I will do re-matches on that next weekend (sometime...I have a lot personally going on that weekend.)
So when trying to come up with a theme (AS I SIT HERE WITH A PUMPKIN SPICE LATE) I have decided to d…

Peek At My Week September 22-26

It is Sunday again...which means it is time for me to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek At My Week!

AND...Success IN Secondary with 4mula Fun!

So here it goes!  Week Four.  This week we start officially teaching 6th grade standards!  The beginning of my week is a little boring but that is because I am making up Friday from last week.

Monday-prequizTuesday -day2 of iPad boot CampWednesday-Multiples LCMThrusday - Factors treesFriday - GCF That will take us into GCF on Monday of next week!!!

I have not heard anything about my social studies class yet...but I will update you as soon as I know.

Here we go...Lesson Plans!

This is one of my favorite units.  Last year we started the year with an algebra strand and found out quickly that our students are not successful at manipulating fractions and decimals how can we expect them to be able to solve for them yet?
This year we decided to spend a lot more time on Number and operations (multiples, factors, equivalencies…

Show What You Know Board

Just a little instructable on how to use and make the Show What You Know Board in my shop!
I used one last year and LOVED it.  It is one of my favorite means of a formative assessment that is more than a thumbs up.  You can really find some errors and misconceptions that your students are having. 
YOu can find the product here! Or click the picture above.  SUPPLIES: Poster Board Glue Stick or Double Sided Sticky Tape Scissors Ruler Large Scale Laminator

Once you have purchased it print it out and cut out all of the pieces. 

I like to lay out the general design of how I want it before I start taping.  Last year I had 6 rows of 5 not 5 rows of 6.  I like this a little more as it is more eye catching with the diagonal rows of color. 

I used double sided sticky tape to adhere my numbers to my poster. 

I used a ruler to make sure that each square was 3/4 inch from the side and 3/4 inch from the bottom or from the next square.

I find it easiest to do the entire first column on the left, an…

Hall passes...My Second Ever Monday Made it.

I actually made this quite a while ago...>But never got around to blogging about it.

I wanted to make hall passes because I HATE WRITING OUT PASSES.  We have a no pass policy at our school "unless it is an emergency."  I am a believer that if it is your time (ie, I am not teaching and you are not taking a test...) and you need to go to the bathroom, who am I to stop you?

So I decided to make some uber cute passes.

I got my supplies...You might recognize some of them from my birthday sign. 
A plank, three (actually 4 but I knew I only wanted three) small planks for the passes, paint, brushes, wood cut outs, three pegs.
I painted the main plank blue when I was painting my birthday sign.   I used the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit to make it blue in a jiffy.

THen I painted my hooks.
These were actually a pain in the ass to paint. 

Then I glued them on.  I just used good old fashioned ELMERS GLUE ALL since I knew there was not going to be that much weight on them....AND I co…