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Hall passes...My Second Ever Monday Made it.

I actually made this quite a while ago...>But never got around to blogging about it.

I wanted to make hall passes because I HATE WRITING OUT PASSES.  We have a no pass policy at our school "unless it is an emergency."  I am a believer that if it is your time (ie, I am not teaching and you are not taking a test...) and you need to go to the bathroom, who am I to stop you?

So I decided to make some uber cute passes.

I got my supplies...You might recognize some of them from my birthday sign. 

A plank, three (actually 4 but I knew I only wanted three) small planks for the passes, paint, brushes, wood cut outs, three pegs.

I painted the main plank blue when I was painting my birthday sign.   I used the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit to make it blue in a jiffy.

THen I painted my hooks.

These were actually a pain in the ass to paint. 

Then I glued them on.  I just used good old fashioned ELMERS GLUE ALL since I knew there was not going to be that much weight on them....AND I could not find my wood glue.

Shoved the peg on there.

And let them dry.

I needed to drill holes in my small planks so I used my largest drill bit I had.

Marked where I wanted the hole to go

Drilled a hole. 

And then I used that one as a pattern for the other two.

I painted the passes bright colors. 

But then I decided I wanted stripes. 
So I used some chevron washi tape that I had to make the stripes and painted over the color with the navy.

Gave it a few minutes to get tacky.  I do not let paint completely dry before taking off the paint as it chips, but I do not do it when it was super wet either because I found it smears. 
 I have found that if I take tape off when just tacky I get a good clean edge.

This one had a little bit of smudging so I just waited till it dried and then I used the yellow paint, a small brush and a steady hand to cover it up.

This is what they looked liked after I painted the stripes. 

And the pink one. 

THen I decided I wanted white stripes on the main plank.  Should have done this first...but who am I to give up a dream?  I also wanted white stripes on the pegs... I have issues. 

While all of that was drying I made this super cute little poster to hang on it for if students should even bother asking me for the pass.  

Then I made the little critters.

I used a sharpie paint pen to write my name on the front of the pass.

I love the way they turned out. 

I laminated and punched holes in my sign.

Added a small eye hook (from the birthday sign) to the top of the plank.

Threaded a ribbon through the eye and tied it to either side of the Passes are on/OFf! Sign. 

I used fray block to keep the ribbon from fraying. 

It acts a little like super glue if you have never used it before. 

I then threaded ribbon through the passes and tied a knot and used fray block for those. 

I used my Shilouette to make words for GIRLS, BOYS, and HALL to complete the passes!

I just really am in love with this!  I hope that this will last me a long long time!

Just the other side of the sign. 

This Passes are ON/OFF! sign is a freebie in my shop!  Check it out here: Passes are ON!

How do you handle passes in your Classroom?  I think because I have 49 minutes with them I am a little more strict, but coming from elementary, and being scared of the older kids, I am a little slack for my 6ers as well.



  1. Okay, those are ADORABLE! The chevron, the bright colors, the nautical dudes...I'm in love!!

    Where did you get the chevron washi tape? I tried to DIY with regular painter's tape and it was NOT my friend! hehe :oP
    Munchkins Inc.


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