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Fractions decimals and percents

I am actually Blogging!  That is crazy.
We are getting prepared for a huge sale on TPT and So I thought I would let you know a little more in detail about one of my newest products.

My students LOVED this activity.  I went to the store and bought "Fun Sized" bags of a very popular brand name candy coated chocolate candy. (If you look at the pictures you can probably figure out what it is :))  I also bought a bag of the "Mini" version of this particular candy!  Then I snagged a box of Dixie cups. 
The idea of this activity is that students are to find the fraction/decimal/percent of each color in the bag of "Fun Sized" and the fraction/decimal/percent of the "Mini" versions.

THEN.  Here is the kicker...they are to compare them to one another!  OH ingenious.  Many of my students were really confused on comparing .25 to 1/4.  Having the visuals of the candies helped them to grasp this concept!!!  Score!
Students were engaged the entire time (L…

Celebrate the Holidays With Super Secondary on TPT!

In Honor of the holidays, My Birthday, and the TpT SUPER CYBER SAVINGS 2014! My store will be an extra 20% off Monday, December 1st and Tuesday, December 2nd.  Use the Promo Code at Check out- TPTCYBER  for a total of 28% off!!!!!

A ton of Super Secondary Teachers are also participating!!!!  

Check out all the Participating Stores: 
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2 Peas and a Dog

Winter SLANTbox Exchange Partners and October Link Up

The Winter theme and detailed rules for the exchange can be found HERE.   Please read this blog entry THOROUGHLY before you email me with any questions.  Matches are found in a link at the end of this post. (I have also emailed you the link to the email you signed up with.)
Instructions now that you are paired! 1) Below you will find a link to a Google Doc where I have created all of your matches.  Please download the file before asking questions about it.  Here are some things to know about the Google Doc: There are 3 tabs along the bottom.The first is a list of all of the participants in alphabetical order by email.  Like I said in the email.  You are divided into bloggers and non-bloggers.  As months go on you are more than welcome to switch groups, just let me know by indicating that you now have a blog on the next sign up!The next two are the matches based on blog ownership or not.  You need to find BOTH of your matchesTo find who you are sending to: Look for your email in the first…

WINTER SLANTbox Exchange sign ups are open.

Hi friends,

I know you have been waited with baited breath for this to get opened up.  Sorry for my delay.  I think that sometimes I should just have a "planned" post to do it....Kidding...because I still have to do the matches.

i am doing a November/December month swap this month. Rather than sending the 25th like we normally do I am ogoing to say that boxes need to go out:


Try to get your boxes out before the christain holidays start.  I only say this because shipping get's crazy much latter than that.

So here we go.  Yes sign ups have opened.  I will be closing them on NOVEMBER12th.  Yes that is ony 5 days for sign ups.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE PLESE DO NOT FLAKE OUT.  THINK ABOUT YOUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULE AND DECIDE IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE OR IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DUD PARTNER PLEASE.  I have started to have more and more emails from people telling me that their partners are not talking to them.  Don't be that person.

K thanks.

I will be ma…

Currently November


That HAS to be a new record for me. 
LInking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

LIstening.  I am actually not listening to anything but my thoughts and the wind blow the thousands of leaves around our yard.  Fall has hit us like a right sucker punch.  One minute it was an indian summer and the next...below freezing and I need to get the North Face out.   Not happy about this one folks. 
Loving.  I am having my first glass of wine since the Mid West Blogger Meet Up and it is GLORIOUS!
Thinking. I am knee deep in a unit on converting rational numbers.  Fractions really suck.  Actually I love them.  But they really suck for kids.  My hart is breaking as they are in 6th grade and I really am struggling thinking of yeat a 67th way of describing fractions to 11 year olds so they can manipulate and solve problems with them. 
Wanting.  Some skittles.  But I gave them all away last night.  SOMEHOW (eh hemmmm.  Jacob.) we are out of skittles and only have Snicke…