WINTER SLANTbox Exchange sign ups are open.

Hi friends,

I know you have been waited with baited breath for this to get opened up.  Sorry for my delay.  I think that sometimes I should just have a "planned" post to do it....Kidding...because I still have to do the matches.

i am doing a November/December month swap this month. Rather than sending the 25th like we normally do I am ogoing to say that boxes need to go out:


Try to get your boxes out before the christain holidays start.  I only say this because shipping get's crazy much latter than that.

So here we go.  Yes sign ups have opened.  I will be closing them on NOVEMBER12th.  Yes that is ony 5 days for sign ups.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE PLESE DO NOT FLAKE OUT.  THINK ABOUT YOUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULE AND DECIDE IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE OR IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DUD PARTNER PLEASE.  I have started to have more and more emails from people telling me that their partners are not talking to them.  Don't be that person.

K thanks.

I will be making matches on the weekend of the 14-15.   You will have until Wednesday October 8th to let me know that you have responded to BOTH, YES BOTH of your partners. I will do re-matches on that next weekend (sometime...I have a lot personally going on that weekend.)

And the theme is...

12 Days of Teaching.

Ladies and Gentlemen have fun with this.   This is not nessessaraly a "Holiday" Theme.  What this is is exactly that. 12 gifts of teaching.

I thought it would be cute...I figure most SLANTboxes usually have "about" 8-15 items in them so Why not make it 12 even and go with the song...

Because you have told me you like is my example box
12- Mr. Sketch Markers
11- Mini Candy bars
10- Nail stickers
9 - Rubber stamps
8 - mini erasers
7 - turtles (because I like turtles)
6 - Super cute file folders
5 - Handmade book marks
4 - Expo Markers
3 - Packs of stickers
2 - Post it note packs
1-Greeting card with a personalized note
There you have it. 

Again Just to re-iterate.

Sign ups will be open until NOVEMBER 12 (THAT IS A WEDNESDAY YALL!!).  I will make matches by that sunday the 15th.  I WILL NOT BE DOING LATE ENTRIES...Please tell everyone you know that it is open and sign up soon so you do not forget.  You will have until WEDNESDAY November 19th to let me know if you have not exchanged emails - meaning both of you have responded (SEND EMAILS TO BOTH OF YOUR PARTNERS, or RESPOND TO THE EMAIL YOUR PARTNERS HAVE SENT TO YOU!!!).  I will do rematches over the weekend of the 22ish.

If you want more information on SLANTboxes please click HERE!

IF you do not need more information:



  1. Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate all you do to make this happen. You rock!!!

  2. I signed up last week. Haven't received my match yet. Did they go out?

    1. Hey! I haven't seen anything either. I signed up by the 12th, but want to make sure that I am not missing an email :) Thanks!


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