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Sugar Packets

I have been Struggling with my 7th grade Pre- Algebra class a lot since I was handed it in October.  It did not help that I was gone for 3 weeks.  I have them 7th hour.  I am the only teacher of 7th grade boys that hour that is a content class (ie. all but my 26 boys have PE, art, computers, or some other elective 7th hour)  I have 6 poor girls that are stuck in this class of smelly boys.  I feel bad for them really.  There is a reason that 7th grade boys do not have a core class 7th hour.  THEY ARE CRAY-CRAY!!!!

The boys are all very sweet, but they are also very loud, hyper, and some are also very rude.  I have to PATHOLOGICAL liars.  I will watch them throw things (my things: pencils, crayons, erasers, paper balls, pen caps, glue sticks, legos, scissors.  Really what ever they can get their little hands on.), then lie when I call them out.  "ON ME!  I didn't throw ANYTHING!"  It is getting old.  I have one kid that I swear is EDDIE HASKEL, but African American.


SlantBox March

I am back, feeling a little better and have heard the requests.  SlantBox is back.  I will not be participating this month for several reasons, ONE my district is set to most likely go on strike, meaning I will have no paycheck for who knows how long, and two, it is incredibly difficult for me to do right now.  I still have to get a box for November out that never made it due to me getting severely sick.  :o  None-The-Less, the March sign ups for the SLANTbox exchange have opened!  
So as I prepare to send out my box to my NOVEMBER partner I am thrilled to share with you the theme for the month of March. (it is amazing how important your health is.)  And if you missed a month, it is never too late to send your box to someone who you failed.  In fact, it would probably make their day more than the regular box would. 

Here we go!  The theme for March is......
Lucky To Be Teaching!!!! 
Ok. If you read my post yesterday you can see that my life, health, and job were put on hold for a littl…

I am not dead

I have been wondering now for about 3 weeks how I would renter into the world of blogging. Perhaps just by telling you my story.

November 6th happened.

I was admitted to the hospital with an aggravated lower intestine. It seams as though 1 inch of it had deteriorated so badly that they had to remove it.

Hospital stay #1.

It was a pretty quick procedure I was back to work by the 10th.

November 12.

Complications with the "G-Tube". I was not getting enough nutrients and was severely dehydrated

Hospital stay #2
Relatively short stay took off work till after Thanksgiving.

December 2.
Pancreas attack. Hospital again, this time was put in short term diss-ability till after Xmas.

Finally I am healthy and have been in my classroom for a total of 6 weeks. Minus "cold days".

The entire time I was gone there was no long term sub so I was still teaching, creating worksheets, and videos, and flip-ables but from the comfort of my own home, and pjs.

I have loads to share with you.