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Introducing....The SLANT Box Exchange

Do you Birchbox, Ipsy, Julep, Umba, Love With Food, For The Makers, Kiwi Krate, Or BarkBox?

I do. 


Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers

My To Do List Keeps Getting Longer...

I posted a picture of my to do list on Instagram and had quite a few questions about what some of them are.  Here is the picture I posted:
The first question I got was "How do you plan to paint a pocket chart?" from Katie at Keep Calm Float On.  Well it is a little hard to explain so I will do a tutorial of it sometime next week.  :)  Promise.
The Second question I got was "What is your get to know me poster?" from Marissa at My Classroom Is My Runway.
WELL.  Here it is:

Click the picture or HERE to download.  It is what I am going to have my kiddos to on the first day of school, then I am going to take them per class and put them in a binder for myself and for new kids.  They can check out the book and get to know their classmates. I will fill one out for each of my classes books too.  BUT!  I also create a huge one (anchor chart sized) and post it up first day.
First day of 6th grade, new school, 5 elementary schools merging into 2 middle schools is tough.  You m…

I Have Gone and Done It Again!

OK.  I have gone and done it again!  I have received a Liebster Award.  Thank goodness there is more than one button!  LOL.  Going to make this a super short one though as I have a TON to do today!
As you probably know, The Liebster Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers in order to promote that blog, show appreciation, and hopefully draw more followers. I am totally down for that.
To accept the award you have to do a few things:
(1) Link Back to the Person that Nominated You Thanks Jessie at Mrs. Hester's Classroom (2) Answer the Questions from your Nominator (ok!) 1. What is your favorite thing about your job?  Definitely the super rad kids I get to work with on a daily basis.  I have spoke pretty openly about my desire to move to a k-3 classroom.  This has actually nothing to do with the fact that I teach middle school kids.  I love them - call me crazy- they are to that point where they want so desperately to prove how independent and adult they are but they are still losin…

BUSY Busy busy.

Linking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got The Camera!  For her Saturday Snap Shots!  I just found out about this link and what I posted earlier totally works!

I have one week left of summer.  Once August hits it is PD town, Grad Studies, Tech Organizing, LEGO League Prep and Opening Week. Holy Cow.  That is a lot!  I am freaking out a little bit.  

A few posts a go I posted a list of things that I wanted to get done.  I have been working pretty hard (If you follow my Instagram you are probably aware of this fact),  Speaking of Instagram, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE FOLLOWED ME OVER!
Here are some of the pictures of things I made this week.  I am SO stinking excited to get them into my classroom I can not wait until August 12th!  That is when I can finally get into my classroom and start putting together all of the fun things that I have created, purchased, and drooled over!  Looking at other classrooms I have gotten some ideas of how I am going to change my arrangement …

keep calm and move on.

THis is not the original post I had up.  I have been asked to take it down, however there is still a handful of this post that is relevant and I spent a ton of time on it...So I am leaving it up.

Oh My goodness it has been a WEEK since I last posted and I am sorry.  NO excuses...but here is one...I am in three grad courses right now and trying to get everything ready for my room.  I have been totally busy over on Instagram.  Click here to follow me!!!!!!  Tomorrow I have a really good post coming with a linky (seriously google, figure out that linky is a word and quit changing it back to link!!!), mega pictures of projects, and a post about word problems with math!  Stay Tuned!!!!

Want to win this:
I got the idea from Erica Cerwin at PinkBuckaroo Designs you know you saw it on Pinterest and kind of wanted to do it!!!  Don't lie!  I made these for the fourth graders that I did my student teaching with last year.  They loved them.  So this is what you get from me!!!!!  I will custom…


Oh my god I am so happy that I checked my calendar today!  I thought I had two events at one time.  Turns out I do not.

But I do have one really cool one that I am super excited about.  WHAT!  Yes that is right, real people, real cocktails, real teachers! Woo Hoo!!!!!!
IF you ever visit Minneapolis I highly suggest Brit's Pub.  They have lawn bowling!!!!!

I am so excited to meet these women and pick their brains I can not stand it!  I will be sure to take loads of pictures and post first thing tomorrow.

Also this week I completed (well I have to write the final lesson plan(a graphing lesson using the sea turtle's migration-will post for free!) and research paper(on I have no idea what)) a grad class called Turtles Of The World.  I quite literally spend three days at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, learning about Chelonians, or turtles, tortoises, and terrapins.  IT was a really interesting class I am going to share with you some of my favorite photos from this week and one link that…