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My To Do List Keeps Getting Longer...

I posted a picture of my to do list on Instagram and had quite a few questions about what some of them are.  Here is the picture I posted:
The first question I got was "How do you plan to paint a pocket chart?" from Katie at Keep Calm Float On.  Well it is a little hard to explain so I will do a tutorial of it sometime next week.  :)  Promise.

The Second question I got was "What is your get to know me poster?" from Marissa at My Classroom Is My Runway.

WELL.  Here it is:

Click the picture or HERE to download.  It is what I am going to have my kiddos to on the first day of school, then I am going to take them per class and put them in a binder for myself and for new kids.  They can check out the book and get to know their classmates. I will fill one out for each of my classes books too.  BUT!  I also create a huge one (anchor chart sized) and post it up first day.

First day of 6th grade, new school, 5 elementary schools merging into 2 middle schools is tough.  You might not know any one in your class.  This is a fun way to get to know your table mates and classmates.  I also like the idea of letting new students check out the book of their classmates to find out some info for each of them.  

I plan to take pictures of all of the students on the first day to past into the pages, so their forgetful teacher new classmates could put names with faces.  It might also come in handy in May when I have to take off a week for Tess' wedding for a substitute.  And it will just be a nice reminder of my kids as I have a TON of them.

Next I want to share a couple of post it note templates.  I have used them for exit tickets before and they rock.  I just type directly into the template with a text box.  I print one out, then place post its onto the template, and reprint.  Easy!  If you have a copy machine that is nice to paper as it goes through, you can also print one, then copy.  I find the printing one at a time actually is less time consuming.  

Any way.  I have two sizes, 4x6 (found HERE) and 3x3 (FOUND Here).

When you download the 4x6 my exit slip for my advisory is still there.  I left it so you get an idea of what to do.  I used them for reading response to a book I read to them.  

I used my 3x3 template as a daily task monitoring for some of my students who had a hard time staying on task.  In the morning, I would decide what each of these students NEEDED to accomplish, I would type up their check list, then print.  When they came in the door I handed them their post-it and they handed it back to me at the end of the hour so I could see what they accomplished.  This worked really well for telling a particular student he/she had a modified assignment without letting the whole class know or giving them a different work sheet.  I would just pick the problems I NEEDED to see this student do, typed it on the post it and handed it to them.  It worked really well, I had one parent that LOVED that I did it and requested something similar from other teachers.  It was really quick and easy for me to do to modify work for them.

OK on a completely side note. We went to The Slice of Shoreview (our towns carnival) and brought the pup.  We walked, 4 miles there 4 miles back.  The pup could not make it the whole way back and needed a lift:

cracks me up!
Have a great night!

I have a crazy idea that is going to be happening tomorrow.  Keep your eyes peeled for it!!!!



  1. Love it! I will definitely be using it with my kiddos on the first day. Thanks again for posting it!

    1. That is so awesome! I would love to see how yours go!

  2. Love the templates for Post Its. I have ideas for them and have wanted to use them in the past but just never got around to it.

    Your pup reminds me of my lazy girls after anything more than 1 1/4 miles.

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. I would love to know how you decide to use them!

  3. you are so organized! i bet you are a fabulous teacher, and your kids are so lucky to have you!! i have never been to slice of shoreview...but i love minnesota city festivals! i'll have to look for it next year!


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