Fractions decimals and percents


I am actually Blogging!  That is crazy.

We are getting prepared for a huge sale on TPT and So I thought I would let you know a little more in detail about one of my newest products.

My students LOVED this activity.  I went to the store and bought "Fun Sized" bags of a very popular brand name candy coated chocolate candy. (If you look at the pictures you can probably figure out what it is :))  I also bought a bag of the "Mini" version of this particular candy!  Then I snagged a box of Dixie cups. 

The idea of this activity is that students are to find the fraction/decimal/percent of each color in the bag of "Fun Sized" and the fraction/decimal/percent of the "Mini" versions.

THEN.  Here is the kicker...they are to compare them to one another!  OH ingenious.  Many of my students were really confused on comparing .25 to 1/4.  Having the visuals of the candies helped them to grasp this concept!!!  Score!

Students were engaged the entire time (Let's be honest... who doesn't love to do math when there is candy involved?)

I then, for homework, sent home the worksheet and they were to fill out back reflection questions and create a pie chart (this helped reinforce percents)

Over all my students enjoyed this activity, it reinforced a hard concept, candy was eaten, and math was done!

I say that is a win!



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