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Math Books That Will Change Your Teaching

Hey all!

I am an a super bloghop with a bunch of my mathy secondary friends!  

I chose to write about the book Multiplication is For White People by Lisa Delpit

In the wake of the Ferguson shooting I thought, for a hot second, about changing my book.  After all I am a white teacher, teaching in an urban school.  But then I was reminded of my DUTY of making sure that I point out injustices when I see them. That is THE ONE AND ONLY thing that I can do to help make sure that I am doing my part as a white person in the cause of racial inequity. 

The first time I read this book, my eyes were open.  The second time I read this book, I felt guilty as a white teacher.  The third time I read this book, I changed the way I teach.  The fourth time I read this book, I knew EVERY TEACHER IN THE WORLD SHOULD READ THIS BOOK.
Immediate changes I made:HIGH expectations for all of my students. - a C is not acceptable in my classroom.  Kids know it, and work hard to do better.  Sympathy does not make a good…

SEPTEMBER SLANTbox Sign Ups are NOW Open

Hey all.  I am packing for my trip to Europe so I will not be writing a whole ton here. 

However September EVERYONE should be back in school. So the theme is: September: TEACHER VOICE ON!
You know what that means!  EVERYTHING in your box to your friend should be classroom themed (with small personal exceptions.  You might want to include some Throat Coat tea, Airborne, Chapstick or other little gems that help make the first month of school more bearable. 
Ideas:  Post it notesCoffee Mugs with funny teacher sayings on thempersonalized clipboardsfun pointersI THINK YOU GET THE IDEA!!!Here is the super cool thing.  This month I am pairing up with Angela and Teacher Tees! out of Texas.
You have seen her stuff on instagram!

Here is the awesome deal that Angela has given Slant Participants: Customers can receive 40% off of their purchase when they buy the Voice Tee! Then, they will also receive a 20% discount on a future purchase for any of the tees... What do you think? So they'll really be get…

Meet The Teacher~~LInky

Hey all!  I am Jameson From ^DUH^ Lessons With Coffee.  I decided to Jump on the band wagon and Link up with Falling into First For the Meet The Teacher Blogger. 
So.  My name is Jameson.  I am older than I would like to admit.  Teaching is actually my second career. I graduated in 2004 from The University Of Minnesota (Go Gofers) with a double degree in Creative Writing and History and a minor in Art.  What the heck do you do with that?  Well I worked at the Guthrie Theater where I edited plays for historical value.  The easiest way for me do describe what I have done:

"Have you seen the movie Titanic...YOu know the blockbuster with Leo DiCaprio in it?  Yeah you know when Jack and Rose are getting it on in the car?  YES!  Ok that car.  Was not invented yet!"

I did that.  But for plays.  I looked at dialect, costuming, sets, and figurative speech.

SO when I tell you that I do not like teaching math all day...It is because really I am a writer, A reader, An editor, A historian, A…

Class birthdays! ~~My First EVER Monday Made it!

Best thing about summer I get to be crafty! 
So I am linking up for the very first time with 4thGradeFrolics and Monday Made it!

Ok. If you saw this post you knew that I wanted to make this birthday board but for my class:
So I went to Michael's and got all my supplies.  (I ended up not useing the foam letters as I wanted white letters...and the frog was something I painted in Mexico. lol)

SO the first thing I needed to do was prime all my wood.  I like to do this because it is MUCH easier to make any color paint go smoothly onto white paint than on to wood grain.    I did not have any primer so I just used white spray paint. 
I started with the large piece of wood. 

And did short sweeping motions to get a nice even coat.  I did not worry about the back as it was going to be up against the wall. 

I also primed all 200 of my tokens. 

I decided that I was going to paint the large part of the birthday sign navy so I did...using my Martha Stewart Spray Painting kit.  You can find the…

Techie Tutorial: Vol 1. Saving ink


So, one of the reasons I have a love hate relationship with some products on TPT is that they suck up SOOOOOOOO much ink.  Especially when I do not need to print the whole page.  So.  For my first video tutorial I thought I would share a small little trick on how to block out what you do not want on a PPT file so that you can print what you need with out using all of your ink.
So for your watching pleasure!
And here is what the print out looks like:
And there you go!  Easy! and WAY less ink!
Now get making some labels!

Help a puppy out!

Hey all! 
Angus is in a competition for being in the new Save-a-Bull MN calendar. If you have a buck or two to donate to the awesome rescue we got Angus from I would SUPER DUPER love it if you could vote for ANGUS! Each vote is a dollar!

You can vote here:

At the bottom click the blue button that says View Gallery then look for our cutie pie in his orange bow tie! I gave 20$ but not expecting everyone to...Just a dollar would be great!

Share the post too! More the merrier...If nothing else money is going to a great cause. 

Thanks much!

August currently!

Awe...,,. Here we go..... Alright!
Listening: Boom Clap by Charli XCX I stinking love this song. I get it stuck in my head when I wake up in the morning!
And to top it off its in the sound track for Fault in our Stars!

Loving: this summer has really just flown by. It's hard to believe that this upcoming week I am don't with summers. I have SOOOOO many projects I need to finish this week!

Thinking: I am currently writing this blog post in my cell phone, and did the currently picture with the app A Beautiful Mess. I blog quite a bit on my phone actually but for some reason this was really tough.

Wanting: as I stated above I have a lot of projects to get done this week. One of the big ones is printing, laminating, cutting and adhering my new labels to my supply buckets!

I'm excited about them soooooo cute
I'm planning in getting these into my store tomorrow. What other themes would you like to see? I'm going to use my neon leopard print papers to make some but a…