SEPTEMBER SLANTbox Sign Ups are NOW Open

Hey all.  I am packing for my trip to Europe so I will not be writing a whole ton here. 

However September EVERYONE should be back in school. So the theme is:

You know what that means!  EVERYTHING in your box to your friend should be classroom themed (with small personal exceptions.  You might want to include some Throat Coat tea, Airborne, Chapstick or other little gems that help make the first month of school more bearable. 

  • Post it notes
  • Coffee Mugs with funny teacher sayings on them
  • personalized clipboards
  • fun pointers
Here is the super cool thing.  This month I am pairing up with Angela and Teacher Tees! out of Texas.

You have seen her stuff on instagram!

Here is the awesome deal that Angela has given Slant Participants:
Customers can receive 40% off of their purchase when they buy the Voice Tee! Then, they will also receive a 20% discount on a future purchase for any of the tees... What do you think? So they'll really be getting 2 coupons to shop now and later! 

WHAT!!!!!  That is a KILLER deal!  I will be posting the Coupon Codes in the email when you get matched!!!!!!  SO AWESOME I WILL Be getting (at least) one of these awesome shirts!!

Ok here is the details. 

Sign ups will be open until September 3rd (THAT IS A WEDNESDAY YALL!!).  I will promptly make matches THURSDAY the 4th.  I WILL NOT BE DOING LATE ENTRIES...Please tell everyone you know that it is open and sign up soon so you do not forget.  You will have until Sunday the 6th to let me know if you have not exchanged - meaning both of you have responded (SEND EMAILS TO BOTH OF YOUR PARTNERS, or RESPOND TO THE EMAIL YOUR PARTNERS HAVE SENT TO YOU!!!).  I will do rematches on the 5th of September. 

As always the boxes go out around the 25th of the month.  

If you want more information on SLANTboxes please click HERE!

IF you do not need more information:



  1. OMG I am so excited - I kept checking and checking and checking - and thought I had missed it since I just started following you! I am so excited to participate I already have ideas!
    Thanks so much

  2. There's no box for me to tell you anything extra! So I just added it in a different place :P

    Yay - enjoy Europe!

    Learning to be awesome

  3. Have a great vacation!!! :) :) I am so jealous. You are going to the number 1 city on my bucket list. Say HI to the Queen for me. :) :)
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  4. I'm excited! This will be my first Slant box!

  5. Sweet...I am excited. I did your very first SLANT box exchange last year, and then I never signed up again because I was so overwhelmed last year. I missed the sign up in August, so I am pumped that I remembered to get back for September. Thanks for all you work organizing this!

    Ms. Wilson’s Wolves


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