Techie Tutorial: Vol 1. Saving ink


So, one of the reasons I have a love hate relationship with some products on TPT is that they suck up SOOOOOOOO much ink.  Especially when I do not need to print the whole page.  So.  For my first video tutorial I thought I would share a small little trick on how to block out what you do not want on a PPT file so that you can print what you need with out using all of your ink.

So for your watching pleasure!

And here is what the print out looks like:

And there you go!  Easy! and WAY less ink!

Now get making some labels!



  1. Totally agree! I usually make everything in black and print on coloured paper because I cannot stand using that much ink!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. This is one of those - why didn't I think of it! moments. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Learning to be awesome


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