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Peek At My Week September 22-26

It is Sunday again...which means it is time for me to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek At My Week!

AND...Success IN Secondary with 4mula Fun!

So here it goes!  Week Four.  This week we start officially teaching 6th grade standards!  The beginning of my week is a little boring but that is because I am making up Friday from last week.

  • Monday-prequiz
  • Tuesday -day2 of iPad boot Camp
  • Wednesday-Multiples LCM
  • Thrusday - Factors trees
  • Friday - GCF
That will take us into GCF on Monday of next week!!!

I have not heard anything about my social studies class yet...but I will update you as soon as I know.

Here we go...Lesson Plans!

This is one of my favorite units.  Last year we started the year with an algebra strand and found out quickly that our students are not successful at manipulating fractions and decimals how can we expect them to be able to solve for them yet?

This year we decided to spend a lot more time on Number and operations (multiples, factors, equivalencies between F, D, P, multiplying/dividing fractions and decimals, and word problems.)  THEN we are going to go into the algebra strand.   We figured we needed to really make sure they are good with Number and Operations before we move on...or they are going to be incredibly unsuccessful in 7th grade pre-algebra.

So here is a breakdown of what we are doing!

Pre-Quiz.  This is our final pre-quiz till almost December.  They will have one more in 1st semester!  We thought about overloading our kids with pre-quizes at the beginning of the year and what did pre-tests do for our students.  We used pre-quizes to teach students the expectations during quizes and tests. We also used them to pull ENORMOUS amounts of data on them.  Before I even start my students with multiples and factors I already know what they know about F->D->P and multiplying and Dividing fractions.  This is HUGE for me. In our district we have to give students the exact same post-quiz as we gave them in their pre-quiz (with some expectations...if we realize there is a typo, or error, we can decide if we are going to change something from multiple choice to non choice...but the questions have to remain the same).

What is really interesting this year is that I believe my students know more about fractions than decimals...Last year it was that they knew more abut decimals.  

I am finishing up the Ipad Boot camp.  Today is the day that they will get their student log in for Google Documents, MOBY MAX.  They will learn how to email me a picture of their work using both the quick email (a generic gmail address that I have attached to the mail feature of the  Because I have a class set of ipads and 7 classes students have to log in and log out of their SPPS APPS account (google drive)  this is actually a time consuming step.  IF students did not use the ipads for learning (maybe they played a game or something) I am asking that they send me a picture of what they did that day....these students can use the quick send from the generic email to their folder on's google drive and picassa~

I will completely transparent here.  I have no idea what I am doing.  In theory it sounds very organized...but I am swimming upstream on this one guys.  ANY help would be lovely. 

Today we start Multiples.  OR standard of the Minnesota state standards. Determine greatest common factors and least common multiples. Use common factors and common multiples to calculate with fractions and find equivalent fractions. 

a.)I can determine the greatest common factors. 
b.)I can determine least common multiples. 
c.)I can use common factors and common multiples to find equivalent fractions. 

I am going to be using one of my own foldable for this mini lesson.

(insert picture here...) Ok I want to post it so you can get it if you want...but I have to make a cover page and credits page....UGH.  I will post this tomorrow.

Then we are going to self assess and split into groups.  I do many types of formative assessment in my class but two of them I use for students to self assess.

The first is a stop light.

I have a huge one of these printed out as a poster and hanging by my smartboard.  I got this resource
From MR MATH COACH on TPT.  Did I mention it was a freebie?

I have students just make a small mark on their paper by the last example we did.  I then split them into groups based on this.  MOST of the time they are right where they need to be...Sometimes I pull others. 

The second resource I use for formative assessment is a fist to four.   I also have this made into a large poster and have it up in my room. 

I always joke around with "fist" and say "Fist: you were sleeping and have no idea what is going on"  I like this because that allows for students to never be at the bottom of the "learning scale"  This is especially helpful for my students who should be at a 1 but will say a 2 because they do not want to be in the low group.  At least by having a fist group...they are not in "last place."  This is also a freebie and I got it from a seller called Kathy O.

OK.  Today we are using the stop light. 

The three activities that go along with each "color" are:
Red:  This is my low group.  each day I have an idea of who should be in this group for each class...Sometimes I am surprised when a student tells me they need to be in the red group...I will always let them start there...but if I notice that they are there just for the "Easy work" I move them up. 

The activity that these students are going to work on is:

This is a super cute little Freebie by O-H so Blessed.  Ok. You get to roll dice, and color!  What is more fun in the eyes of a 6th grader?

YELLOW and GREEN.  My middle and high students are going to practice with two different products in the same product...Does that even make sense?

This is an AWESOME product that I found last year!  It is by LIttle Miss Whimsical and it is soooo good.  At $2.00 the product is totally worth it. 

This product is so great because the poke cards are awesome for kids that do not need to walk through the steps one at a time...That is what the task cards are for!

I will have my Yellow groups work together to solve the task cards and my green group use the poke cards!

We always finish by re-evaluating our learning to decide if we went up a group!

Today we are focusing on Factor Trees.  I am only spending one day on this and involving it in the review days because it is not a "high priority" benchmark for our district....However while I was proctoring our state standards I noticed that there were a few questions on this...So why not.  It is relatively easy.

We are going to just do this in our note books and circle factors.  I did see this entry from Runde's Room when I was looking for resources. 

maybe I will use the shape thing instead of just circling...I do not know. 

Once we make our trees we are going to talk about the expressions that are formed from the prime numbers.  Then split to practice.

This time we are doing fist to four.
1.  These students are going to work on a fabulous resource from FlapJackEducation.  

2.  These students are going to work together with a 100s chart and highlighted prime numbers to work through more factor trees but are going to use BINGO DAUBERS to show prime numbers!!!!

I love bingo daubers...why would 6th graders not?

3. My threes are going to work on a craftivity.  This I found last year from Lovely Little Learners and it was perfect!  
My students really enjoyed this last year so I am hoping that it goes just as smoothly this year with the boys.  

4.  My fours are going to be creating a huge factor tree with a 3 digit number they are going to create by spinning a spinner!  I saw a pin on Pinterest (duh) with the number 100 and I thought about how it could be pretty awesome do do one for say the number 465. 

Next week I have an activity where students will make factor trees then find the expression that matches the numbers they factored.

Again we will reassess as as an exit to mark our growth. 

It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on friday!!!!  Ok Rebeca Black moment!  Alright!  Today we are talking about GCF.

First we are going do define factors, then we are going to use the Rainbow Method to find factors of two numbers. 

We are going to have a discussion about what GREATEST COMMON means....then we will find the GCF this way. (next week we will use factor trees and upside down birthday cake...)  I just think this is a good way to start it!  

We will go into some practice based off of the stop light.
Red:  My red group will be making a poster with me to really understand the concepts.  I love this one:
But also love this kind of poster:

Green and Yellow are using the same activities by LIttle Miss Whimsical but for GCF

That is it!  Next week monday we are going to talk about using factor trees and upside down cakes for GCF, then we review for two days, teach to study and take the first Post-Learning Quiz of the year!

Later this week I will share what is on my choiceboard.  My students are expected to pick 2 of the nine choices each week.  The choices work their way from "remember" to create. The choice is theirs for what they pick but it must be done by the time we test.  It counts as a "homework" grade since I do not really assign homework. 

What does your week look like?



  1. Oh my goodness, that's my game you're using! I love it! Thanks for sharing with everyone! :)


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