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OCTOBER SLANTbox Exchange Signups Are NOW Open

Hey all I am changing it up a little bit.  At the Beginning of the summer I had a request to open the sign up window longer.  This resulted in people needing to drop out, people forgetting that they signed up, and over all a pain in my but for re-matches.  Last month I had at the beginning of rematching 27 people who needed a partner to send them a box, but only 4 people who needed a partner to send to.  I am not sure if shortening the window for sign ups will help but I think it will at least drop the number of people who forget and need to drop out. 

So here we go.  Yes sign ups have opened.  I will be closing them on October 4th so that I can make matches on the 5th.  You will have until Wednesday October 8th to let me know that you have responded to BOTH, YES BOTH of your partners. I will do re-matches on that next weekend (sometime...I have a lot personally going on that weekend.)

So when trying to come up with a theme (AS I SIT HERE WITH A PUMPKIN SPICE LATE) I have decided to do something relating to fall.  Then I had an Idea....One of my favorite parts about the online teacher world is how it acts more as a PLC than ANY one of my PLC's I have ever been on.  I find more inspiration, ideas, and help from you all. 

This is why I am proudly introducing the theme for OCTOBER....


Ok This month, I am asking you to be very specific on a grade range and subject area that you are most interested in getting resources for.  I am going to do my dangdest to make sure you are partnered up with someone that is in that same realm.   My secondary folks....This might take some wiggling and I hope that you still participate.  I know that I have a TON of resources that are cross Curriculum!  Like writing assignments in math class...yes that is right!

Here is what my thought for an awesome box this month should look like:
  • A personalized item for their classroom - notecards with the teachers name on it, a picture frame, a binder with new cover in it for lesson plans, a sign anything that has to do with THEIR classroom...not yours. 
  • One professional book that YOU COULD NOT LIVE WITH OUT.  There are so many.  See if your partner has read it yet before you pick that one though.  (Shop used...Amazon has amazing prices on used professional books.
  • A list of tricks for a particular topic.  Say your partner is just getting into ipads in the classroom but you have had them for a year now...Give them a nice list of some tricks that you wish you would have known.  (For me....Only have students plug in the iPads if the battery is less than 80%.  They take too long at the station trying to shove the charger in...I would rather it just get put away and charged the next time.)  This does not have to be anything fancy it is just thoughtful.
  • Now here is where I think the best part comes.  Fully put together in a station, a packet, or a binder one of your favorite resources that you use in your classroom.  Now.  I am going to throw it out here that this does not need to be something that you made everything yourself.  It could be a product that you created and love...but not everyone creates products. Some people live on your I hope that other sellers are ok with this. But you do have to have this puppy so ready to go for your partner that literally the only thing they need to do is walk into their classroom with it.  I would say though, do not take someones worksheet and copy it and send it in an envelope.  Here is how ideally I would like to see this happen (as a seller on TPT I would be totally ok with someone doing this):
    • Let's say someone really LOVES my long division graphic organizer that I have on my tpt. 
    • this person would print out on nice paper, in color all of the pieces, laminate and cut out the cards.
    • This person would then put in a nice plastic envelope or someway that the teacher that is receiving this resource could immediately implement into their classroom if necessary. 
      • sharing the file with the person
      • sending a stack of black and white copies
      • stealing
  • Finally find a few little supplies that you could not live with out.  For me it would be binder clips, Mr. Sketch markers for anchor charts, and Pipsqueeks for my teacher ISN's and maybe some k-cups for my coffee.....I have weaknesses)
  • Do not forget your card!
There you have it. 

Again Just to re-iterate.

Sign ups will be open until OCTOBER 4th (THAT IS A SATURDAY YALL!!).  I will promptly make matches SUDNAY the 5th.  I WILL NOT BE DOING LATE ENTRIES...Please tell everyone you know that it is open and sign up soon so you do not forget.  You will have until WEDNESDAY OCTOBER the 8th to let me know if you have not exchanged - meaning both of you have responded (SEND EMAILS TO BOTH OF YOUR PARTNERS, or RESPOND TO THE EMAIL YOUR PARTNERS HAVE SENT TO YOU!!!).  I will do rematches over the weekend of the 11th.

As always the boxes go out around the 25th of the month.  

If you want more information on SLANTboxes please click HERE!

IF you do not need more information:



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