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Midwest Blogger Meet UP?

Hey all!
Are you a Midwest Blogger?

I am trying to help coordinate a Midwest Blogger/Teacher Meet Up with Lindsey at Thriving in Third.


So here are the 5 double-yous!

Who: Any teacher from the Midwest area.  Particularly bloggers but you will not be turned down if you do not have a blog.
What: a get together.  And probably a happy hour...
Where: Undecided.  Read on to find out how you can help us choose.
When: Not set in stone yet.  Depends on where it is located and space available.  We are thinking October or November though. 
Why:  Really?  Because we are awesome.

So first things first.  We have to figure out where this is going to be.  Please head on over to 

Add yourself to the group,
Vote on up to 2 places that you would not mind traveling to.  

That is it.  We will let you know more info when we get it.

OH, Share this page.



  1. I wanna come :( I vote you all come to New Zealand
    Learning to be awesome

  2. Hi! I'm glad I found another Twin Cities blogger! I am SO IN for a Midwest meet-up! I started following you so I can stay posted on the meet-up plans. :)

    Miss Woodward's Class


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