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Michaels, I Have a Little Bone To Pick With You. Please Read, Action Needed.

Yesterday I went to Michaels on a whim to get the pink dye to dye this ugly white rug with.
***Side note: I have this vision of having a little nook in my math room that when doing independent work you can go grab a pillow and do your math not in a desk.  We ask our middle schoolers to sit in a desk for WAY to long, no wonder they are always wanting to walk around.****

I picked up a few other things (totaling 150$...when I came in for 2$ dye) and went to stand in line to pay for my purchase.  I got out my Jo-ann teacher discount card that has their coupon on it as I did not have my School ID Badge.  I have used this PLENTY of times in the past.  When I got up to the cashier she did not accept it and showed me a letter from their management saying that they will no longer be accepting the Jo-Ann Teacher discount card and they MUST SEE the badge showing that you are a teacher in order to get the discount.  

NOW, If I PLAN a trip to Michaels I always bring my badge, but I was coming from a grad class, and did not have it.  This happens a lot where I pop into a store and pick something up but do not cary my badge.  I am not a purse girl so my badge stays on my dresser when I am not wearing it. 

I am a little upset about this new rule, especially when they accept competitors coupons.  I asked the woman if she knew if Michaels was going to get a card like EVERY OTHER STORE or use my schools email address to look me up?  NOPE.  You have to show your badge EVERY TIME.  

My clerk was pretty nice and said she would do it for me this time but know that as they just got the letters they were going to start cracking down on the discount. She urged me to go online and send a comment as there was nothing she could really do.  She said that she has already had to tell a handful of teachers this news in the last few days.

SO I did.

And I urge you to do the same.  Please go here: Contact Us!

This post is by no means a knock on Michaels.  I love them for their new teacher section that they have put in in the last few years.  I love that they have quite a bit different things than Jo-Ann or even Lakeshore.  So it pains me that if I need something on a whim and do not have my ID Badge I will go to a store where I can save money.  

Don't make me break up with you Michaels!

Please go and express how it would be nice for a discount card, or the ability to look you up by your EDU email address.  (I have no idea how they prove homeschool moms.  I would imagine that it is going to be just as difficult for you and think about how much better a card would be!) 

I know Michaels' fear is that too many people are claiming to be educators.  I think the idea of the card is easy, you have to show a manager your "proof" when you get the card, maybe you have to activate it online and you have to activate it with an educator email address.  I don't know, but I know they might lose more business than they would like, especially for those fly by purchases. 



  1. Wow!!! How interesting!! I always have problems showing proof that I'm a teacher because we have no badges. I teach in a tiny school with no security so badges aren't needed (although I disagree). I always have to show my NEA card instead. ha ha

  2. They told me it has to have your picture on it! You are going to want to say something for sure!

  3. That really stinks. My school doesn't even give us a badge. :( Sometimes they let you bring your pay stub and use your driver's license. So then I would have to bring my pay stub. That is even more inconvenient since I have direct deposit.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. I know! Click on the link and tell them to get a card like Jo-ann has!

  4. I was considering keeping a pic of my id in my phone. I wonder if that would work?

    Crystal Shepherd
    Lamppost in a STEM classroom

  5. Wow, I'm a little late to this rant, but I feel your pain. We do have badges, but the school takes them up over the summer, so anytime I went this summer (the PRIME time for shopping), I had to talk to the manager (thank goodness he was nice). It was really frustrating & I found myself dropping by Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann a lot more often. Definitely sending them feedback. Thanks for sharing :)

    First Grade Fairytales


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