Hi.  My name is Jameson, I swear, I am really Irish. 

I enjoy being unpredictable and surpassing expectations. I can tell you what makes me tick, quirk, or love. I can bore you with math, Lego, or presidential facts. But better yet, I can tell you how to plan a dance party that people will actually dance at. What else? I love teaching, crafting, eating, traveling, playing with my dog, writing, meeting new people, being with my love, painting my nails and dancing on a boats, you will always find me moving – I rarely takes breaks.

My Friends say I am an over-achiever, nerd, and humorous, articulate, great friend.  I am older than I like to admit, a teacher- who is sometimes called mom, a daughter, friend hard worker, creative, crafty, and inquisitive.

That’s me creating a light up and moving business card with electrical circuits and diodes
.  I often tell science and math jokes...then laugh out loud to my own joke.  I also volunteer at our Children's Hospital and do science experiments for kids stuck in the hospital.  I "play" a scientist named Elania the Science Explaina.  I can't act so really it is just me explaining things.


Here are a few links

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The principles I have for my self: be creative, enjoy life, be playful, think out of the box, push for my dreams, ask for what I want, and be [com]passionate.

I love meeting new people, and getting all educational with kids...90% of the time I would rather hang out with kids.  Kids are honest, loving and incredibly creative and open to trying new things...Adults...not so much. I spent 4 months in Namibia Africa, working with children affected by Aids in 2012.  This was singlehandedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life.  I wanted to study abroad, but did not want to go to the same places that all my classmates were going too – or that I would go on a vacation to.  I chose Namibia to work with my Sociology Minor that I also accrued.  Namibia has very recently gained it’s independence from South Africa after Apartheid ended in (essentially) 1994.  I went with a really great group of girls, and one of my best friends.  Our house mom and dad were amazing and had the best stories and valued family and god above all else.  As it turned out our house dad was the nephew of the first president of Namibia Sam Najomo.  I really want to go back more than anything in the world.

This is me at an orphanage in Namibia Africa.  Her name is L'lube (you-be) I wanted to take her home.

I graduated from St. Catherine University, in St. Paul Minnesota, in 2012 –Hey if you want a $500 dollar scholarship, I can get you one just for knowing me!!!- with a degree in Elementary Education. 
I can teach any elementary grade as well as 5-8 Mathematics, Social Studies, and Engineering. 

I currently work at Battle Creek Middle School on the East Side of St. Paul, as a 6th grade teacher of mathematics.  Here was my last year's class room

I love my job-that is I love seeing children finally understand how to find an unknown number, finally understand that = does not mean “answer comes next” and I LOVE it when I can help children figure out patterns.  I love bonding with students and getting to know them in ways that they never knew I was trying to know, like how they learn, what makes them tick, and what makes them want to succeed.  What I don’t love, is teaching math ALL DAY LONG.  My dream job is working as a classroom teacher at an environmental elementary school.  I am currently working on my Masters of Education in Natural Science and Environmental Education at Hamline University.  When I am done I will have obtained Tenure and can then request a transfer to an elementary school.  In the mean time I am excited for next year and promise to get a better picture of my classroom.   

I am on a tight budget, with limited funds coming in and believe that ideas should be free.  If I were to make something for you, yes I might charge you, but I am not, I am making them for myself and giving you the instructions to also make them.  Making people pay for ideas, that is silly and I refuse to do it.

I love baseball, hockey, watching movies, and finding new ways of spending my time.  My two favorite hobbies are eating and napping, so take what you will out of that.  I also like to write books. I have written books about bacon and the pets of the Presidents of the United States.  Some of my books are not as silly, but very serious such as the book I wrote about the Dakota Indian War.  (They are all children's books.)  I am also passionate about science and like to make engineering projects...Like this stool I made out of paper.  

Yes paper.  It is made out of a total of 20 pages of paper.  I won't tell you how much I weigh but lets say that I weigh 3,000 times more than my stool when measured in grams. My favorite color is Monster Green or Magenta.  I however never wear those colors.  I say yes too often and am working on saying no more frequently.  I have Celiac Disease – an autoimmune disease that attacks my gut- leaving me to eat gluten free.  My favorite meal is tacos, and I love Old Dutch Cheese Puffs and Pirate Booty.  I really like margaritas and glitter.  By themselves or separate...My attention will be there either way. 

I am very Concrete Random.  I need to manipulate everything I do, and typically do not understand instructions until I have all parts in front of me.  Math was actually my hardest subject growing up.  I was diagnosed with Dyscalculia at an early age.  Dyscalculia is very similar to Dyslexia but only affects numbers and how to manipulate them.  It was not until 9th grade when a teacher finally put graph paper in front of me that I could even line up the numbers on the page.  That teacher made me want to be a teacher.

The last thing I purchased was from Target: 3 three new nail polishes, 2 dresses, a wooden spoon set, 4 camping chairs, and a cooler.  I shop at Target more than any respectable person should.  You can find me there AT LEAST 4 times a week.

I recently adopted the cutest little guy named ANGUS.  He is a pit bull mix.  He likes to cuddle, give kisses, and take naps.  He also likes to pull this rope toy around even though it is 5 times his size.  He is a handful but I love him.

I also have a love that is in my life.  But as HE is not here to write about it, I will leave him a mystery until he decides he wants to write about himself.  You will see pictures though! PS> We like Star Wars and Legos.  Like A Lot.

And last but not least if you are still reading…Random Facts as fast as I can.

I love… meerkats and panda bears.
I believe that… coffee makes my days complete. 
I am happy when… my hair does not stick to my lip-gloss.
I feel comfortable… in dresses, but love to wear leggings whenever I can.
I think that… Justin Timberlake may be the most perfect man I have never met. 

It is important… to brush your teeth everyday
I am in love with… Chevron! And Polka Dots!
I am baffled by… slang words
I am interested in… Learning Hmong
I am thrilled by…fireworks and snow cones
I can’t wait for…The State Fair
My most secret desire is… Honestly, to be a SAHM

The point is, I am eclectic, fun, loving, and semi creative and hope that you enjoy my ramblings and creations!  I also sometimes like to wear mustaches.



  1. Hi! I found your blog when I read your comment over at Wifessionals and thought that your idea was super sweet! I live in Georgia and am certified in Elementary and Middle Grades Education but am currently subbing. I love your recent posts and am going to follow to keep up with what you do! Let's chat!

  2. I have visited your blog a few times but never have I read this portion! I appreciate your honesty and authenticity! Your blog is adorable, fresh, and very original...I like that! Keep up the good work...I enjoy reading it!

    Cheers from a fellow MN blogger!

    http://luckylittlelearners.blogspot.com (My blog is just getting started and nowhere as cute as yours!)

  3. OK. So. I stumbled onto your IG and followed through to your blog. You. Are a breath of fresh air in the world of teaching blogs. Trust me. I am an old teacher dog - 27 years and counting and have seen and read it all. You tell it the way it is without getting all fuzzy and (what could be the best thing ever) without overusing the word "kiddo." Stay with it. You're needed.

  4. So after finding you via Zhenya and following you on IG I decided to read your blog a bit and I just have to say - I graduated from St. Kate's too but many years before you (cough...2004...cough) - I had friends in the education program there and they too loved it! My secret desire is to be a SAHM too. Your dog is adorbs. What else? I don't know other than I just had to say hello :)


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