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New year....

Hi Everyone!

It has been forever since I have blogged.  I have been reflecting on my December, and the many changes that are heading my way and I wanted to let you in on a little update.

I will be changing a few things around here.  Nothing Huge but yes...change.

First.  I got moved (yes mid year) from 6t grade to 8th grade.  Friday December 19th was the last day with my 6th graders, the last day in room 2608, and the last day on team Indianna.  Starting tomorrow, I will be the third 8th grade algebra teacher.  I have new students (and more of them), a new classroom (a little bit bigger but still tiny), a new team (I am actually on both team Minnesota and team Wisconsin), new curriculum, and finally, new stress levels.


I GOT ENGAGED YALL!  So I have been spending time planning that.  While it is very exciting it is also very stressful. 

So here is what you might see change around here:

-I need to take at least a month off from SLANT (I still have like three boxes I need to send out...UGH  Sorry ladies...they are sitting here...I just have to get to the dang post!).  I will be returning in February or March with a new twist.  From now on you will only be paired with one teacher.  I have WAY too many flakers.  I think by matching you up with one person you can better get to know them, and I do not have to worry so much about the flakes.  I will also be doing a google form to report flakers.  

-I will be bringing my blog over to WP and be compltely self hosted.  Please update your bloglovin to and you will be in the loop for the transition.

-You might start seeing a lot more "lifestyle" posts.  I have something called a Class Pass ( and have been asked to document my classes and what not.  

-On the blogging note.  I really want to focus on my TPT store.  I have teamed up with some pretty rockstar (I am really star struck) secondary sellers, together we are going to do some hops, and help promote.  I am going to try to get one product out a week. That being said, some of it will be 8th grade, some will be 6th grade and some will be 7th grade.

Other than that I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season.

Here is to 2015!


  1. Sounds like you've got a plan! Awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

    Learning to be awesome

  2. So, having to move mid-year that is crazy so GOOD LUCK!!!! Congrats on the engagement!


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