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Cha cha cha changes...And Slant Box is Back

Hi there!

I bet you have been wondering where I was?

Well.  First I got moved to 8th grade algebra over the winter break.

I am a bit heartbroken over this but will get over it pretty quickly.  My students are relatively nice and have adapted ok. 

Here is some pictures of my new classroom:

Going to a new grade level was not what scared me, having new students was not what scared me, being on a new team was not what scared me.

What scared me was trying to learn a new way of thinking about algebra.  I am good at algebra.  I mean I passed the secondary math test...I have to be ok at it right?  But being able to do things and being able to TEACH things are two completely different things.  The other day I sat at my "desk" (I do not have a desk in my new room...just a kidney table) until 6:30 pm trying to find an aproachable way to teach writing a function from a table?  WHAT Guess and check is not an option any more.  In 6th grade it was.  It was also called a "rule" not a function.  My brain is swimming right now!

Also I am a little ticked that I spent 48$ and all of my TPT points on 6th grade stuff on TPT during the Black Friday sale....And I got moved to 8th so those resources will just sit in my purchased folder.
Which reminds me I need to get more organized with my purchases from TPT.  HOW do you do it?

I have Ashely Schroeders TPT organzier...

but I am too lazy to move the clip arts to the folder to print them.  I wonder if there is a way to link to files on my dropbox into the file so that I do not actually have to print....
I need a better system FOR SURE.

Another reason you might not have seen me that much this past month or so is that I AM GETING MARRIED.  

That is right.  J asked me to marry him (actually he didnt.  he just showed me the ring...and I vomited the word yes about 5 billion times...I just assumed he meant to ask.) on December 14th of 2014.  We will be getting married in our favorite town Stillwater Minnesota on October 9 of 2015.  I am so stinking excited.  I am making my own dress so I will try to post that on here. as I do it.

Speaking of my blog.

So I love Lindsey from L.Paull Designs for All  She totally did a stand out job of desgining this blog. A few months ago I bought the rights to and therefore am going self hosted.  As of right now she is not able to take this over to wordpress so I am going to have to forgo the cuteness!  DAMN!

As of January 23rd I will be found on WWW.LESSONSWITHCOFFEE.COM  I will no longer use the address.  I am doing this for a few reasons (mostly due to legalities and me being afraid of everything.).  I know that my blog and store are not HUGE but they are getting there and I would rather have the saftey of it being all mine than owned by google.

That said please start the process of updating your bloglovin.  

I started a LessonsWithCoffee Pinterest boards (this does not reflect my link above....but I do not want to make Lindesy fix it for a week)

PLEASE GO FOLLOW IT!  I know that there is not much there YET, but it will get there.  I was told that I should move from my personal one to a buisness one.  Thank you for understanding. 


New cutie pie little button!

I am opening up slantbox for the month of February.  Here is the deal.  There are two DIFFERENT FORMS NOW.  Please fill out the form that pertains to you if you have a blog or not.  ALSO a huge change is that you will only be paired with one educator from now on.  I have had WAY TO MANY FLAKES.  Like countless numbers of them.  The flakes make me bogged down on the things that I have to do and I BECOME A FLAKE.  and that pisses me off.  Each month I was getting NO LIE up to 75 emails strictly telling me that thier partner flaked out on them.  In an effort to prevent this and to make re-matches easier I am not doing a double match any more.  You will both send and recieve from the one educator that you are paired with. There will also be a form to fill out for flakers. <--aint nobody got time for that.

The theme for SLANT BOX February is rather uncreative- I Love Edcucation.
Let's face it, none of us would be where we were if we ourselves would not have become educated, gone to school, had mentors, and decided to stay in the world of edcuation. 

Remember your boxes MUST BE PERSONALIZED IN SOME WAY. Flipping ask your partner what kind of candy is thier favorite and throw that in there.  That is the lwast you can do.

This box should be about them, but also about how as teachers we love to educate.  Perhaps you could throw in some items that would help them stay not sick so they can go to work, a teacher refelctoin journal, Chicken Soup for the Teacher Soul.  What ever you think will be a little "Valentine" for your educator Partner. 

The rest of the rules are the same.
You must sign up by the 11:59 pm on the January 30th 2014. (Central Standard Time.).  I will pair you with an other Educator by Sunday the first of February.  YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR MATCH WITH IN 48 HOURS.  If you do not hear from you partner please fill out THIS FORM. (will also be in your matches email)  You will email back and forth to get to know each other,totally creep read (and hopefully follow) their blogs and slightly stalk other social networks they may have. 

By the 25th(or there abouts) of the month you will create a box, for the educator you were paired to send to, and ship it off, they will l return the favor. Who likes having a birthday?  I DO, I DO!  This is totally like having a birthday every month!  The best part is you can drop in and out whenever you want.  No yearly commitments.  You just make a one-month at a time decision.  Do you need some encouragement this month? Join us! Spent too much your on a new swimsuit for Spring Break 2015? Come back next month!  You are re-paired each month with a new person so you can feel free to join, or skip whenever you please!  Listen we get it.  Conferences are coming up, you're a student teacher and have finals, your in your masters class and have to finish your theses.  No questions, just come back when you want!

1) Packages must have a $15 value. This does not mean you NEED to spend 15$,  It just needs to value this. Use your judgment, but if you want to spend more, feel free!
2) Please do not stray from the theme of the month. Get creative! I know you have a Pinterest, get on it and use it!
3) Include a letter to say "hi!"  This letter could include support, encouragement or congratulations!  This is why you need to get to know your partners! Make an effort to know them through their blogs and social media.  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!  It is awesome-sauce getting gifts, but that letter will last forever!
4) Your box must include one item that is handmade, this could be the card you write rule 3 on.  It must also include 5+ items per box. Who wants a boring box? Again, we are educators; we are creative and inspired and can turn a toilet paper tube into something awesome.  Do it!
5) Your box may not include TPT gift certificates or access to any items from your store that count towards your 10$ value.  Not to be ugly on the topic but this is not an advertisement arena for your businesses...just a way to get to know other educators in a positive supportive way with out the guilt of having to purchase something.  That being said, you can create an item that you feel your partner might like- the time and effort putting it together for them would count towards your 10$ value. 
6) Once you received your box you will post (link up on blogs) or # on social media. 
Preferably the more the better.  We will use the # SLANTBOXES. I ALSO HAVE A NEW PINTERST BOARD THAT YOU CAN PIN TO IF YOU CHOOSE.  You will all be invited to pin based off of the email you sign up with.  If you would like a different email please ask me IN PINTERSEST
7) US residents you are totally in.  International friends, I  do my best.  I cannot make promises that there will be enough interest from your country.  (Therefore you might want to tell others!!!!!)  Just fill out the form like everyone else and I will try to get you matched up. If you are ok sending internationally I always have friends that are willing to do that. 
8) If you do not have a blog that is ok.  But I do ask that you post on FaceBook or Instagram
9)  I tell my students all the time I am not their mothers.  Therefore, where I hope that no one flakes, and packages do not get lost in the mail I am by no means responsible after I send out the names of the senders/sendees. I highly recommend tracking your packages and sending your partner the tracking number. Along with package tracking I as cute as some of those bubble wraps are, get a "if it fits it ships" flat rate box.  You will thank me when your package only costs 5$ to ship rather than 15$ due to weight.  On that note, if you do not send a box, you will no longer be invited to participate, and if you feel as though your partner is being a flake please let me know THROUGH THIS FORM!  I will try to work something out.
10) Give yourself a hug and have some fun!

OK.  I think I have "talked" for long enough. 



  1. I'm super excited that SLANT is back.

    Also, I love that you continue to persevere through all the challenges of switching grade levels, teams and subject focus mid-year. You are amazing and I am constantly impressed. <3


  2. WHOA! You've been super busy! So glad SLANT boxes are back! #superpumped thanks, Jameson! :)

  3. Congrats Jameson! I am getting married this year as just a couple months! Happy planning! Loving that SLANT boxes are back!
    Enchanting Elementary

  4. Your room looks great for just moving in! Love the glitter jars. Can't wait to do the slant box, thanks for hosting!

  5. You've got a lot of excitement going on right now. Congrats on the upcoming wedding, and I'm sure you'll get a handle on your new class soon. Thanks for bringing back the slant box. I can't wait!

  6. I would love to switch to a wordpress blog but am scared/terrified of the work involved. Please let us know how it goes! This Slantbox stuff looks like fun, I will have to try it out!

    The Math Maniac

  7. I changed your Pinterest link. You're welcome.


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