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Chicago Midwestern Teacher Blogger Meet Up Re-Cap!

Hey all!  I know this is totally late but I wanted to give you a re-cap of the event...with stolen pictures from everyones blog since I COMPLETLY forgot to take pictures the entire time that I was there.

I brought my good friend Kirsten...Who we made make a blog (  Let's see if she keeps it up.

We left at about 2 pm on Friday night.  I was freaking out that I forgot something...Turns out I did.  The wood for the Pencil Mini Glyph we did.  So we stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics on the way out...which was good because Kirsten forgot her favorite things!  Oops.

Then we were on the road again.  We got into Shaumburg IL about 10:30 with all the one lane traffic that there was.  We were hoping to get in at about 8 but...not happening.

I WAS SO STINKING EXCITED TO MEET LINDSEY!  Like for real yall.  She is just as nice in person as she seams.  I can not belive that I am lucky enough to call her not just a bloggy friend but also a real friend.  Ture story.  We text a lot.

We ended up staying up really 1 am talking, prepping gift bags, and watching a wedding dress show on TLC and the Duggers.  Lindsey is getting married this summer and my friend Kirsten just got married this past June.   I am happy that the two of them hit it off!  Lindsey and I made one of the three gift bags that folks got.  Inside of it was a custom glitter mug that I made, a note pad, pencil and a sweet little packet of freebies that were graciously donated to us. 

The name tags were graciously created by Kelsea from TeacherGems!  So stinking cute!

Kirsten tried to cut the wood...but I bought a stupid miter that is really only for balsa wood and it was going to suck so we decided to just go to home depot and have them cut them.

I set my alarm for 7:30 to make sure I woke up and had enough time to get the wood cut.  Yeah....I woke up at 5:30 am. So I went to the Home Depot, the wood got cut but did not get I ended up buying MORE wood in the form of wood stakes, having those cut down and bought some sand paper. 

Yes.  We had a wood shop in our hotel room.

We went on down to Lake Shore Learning.  I met up with Wendy, the store manager.  Holy cow.  Her store is huge, clean, and looks like an amazing place to work. Her staff was so pleasant, helpful, and excited for us.  They were having another event in the morning but assured us that we were going to have enough space and time.

Lindsey, Kirsten and I went to the mall to just walk around.  We had to waste about 3 hours.  We kept walking past these cranbery matte rain wellies. I passed these flipping shoes another 6 times that day. 

We then went to get food and go get set up.

I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW GENEROUS LAKESHORE LEARNING WAS!  I finally met Luke who had worked with me for the past few weeks getting this event set up.  

First of all, agian super nice...I am pretty sure that LSL has a prerequisite that you have to be REALLY REALLY nice to work there....but he was also genuine, excited and happy we were there!  His wife is a kindergarden teacher (can you say Hook Up!!!!).

Finally it was 3pm.  People started to show up.  I was sweating.  I was nervous. 


Lindsey and I planned a little opener.  It was a glyph (because EVEN I use glyphs.) to get the talking, meeting, learning about each other going (I will admit I still have not had time to make mine:(  it actually makes m e a little sad!) I stle pictures remember.

Everyone really liked this activity and it allowed time for Lindsey and I time to figure out prizes and stuff!

Once we got done with the glyphs we all stood up and really interoduced ourselves and what we brought as our 5$ favorite thing.

I brought wine.

Hey I teach math, all day, everyday, to 11 year olds. I like wine.

Once all the prizes were out on the table, Lindsey and I started drawing names like crazy.

There were so many door prizes and gifts.  Lindsey and I forgot to actually put our names in the prize boxes too.  So we couldn't even win anything lol. 

Finally after all the prizes were given out, Luke came out and gave out some awesome Lakeshore Learning goodies.

We also got some crazy awesome gift bags from Creative Teaching Press....I am still waiting for that email Lindsey!

when everything was said and done we were trying to find a place to have supper.  we went back to the mall.

I WALKED BY THOSE BOOTS THREE MORE TIMES>  I finally told Lindsey Ok. I have to go see if they are expencive (they were right next to Hunters...which I really wanted.)

The dang boots were only $68!  You know I bought them!

We went out to a steakhouse I do not remember.  I had a really gross cocktail.  Lol, but got to hang with some rad people a little longer.


When we got back to the hotel...we made Kirtsten a blog and all passed out.  I think LIndsey and I were so exhausted and stressed!

In the end it all worked out great!

Lakeshore Learning is still being nice and wants to even let you get in on the #mwbm2014 extravaganza!

So go get your shop on. 

Lindsey and I are working on a blog hop for all the gals that came out that will actually also include two sets of the give aways that were given at our event.

We also decided that #mwbm2015 will be held in the Twin Cities next August.  



  1. Ok so this is the second time I've tried to write this comment - hopefully this one sticks!

    I'm sooo jealous, this looks even better than I imagined it would!! #fomo. I'm even more gutted that I'm not an American now. I'm (not so) secretly hoping that my friend (who's engaged to a Canadian) gets married in Canada next year so that I have an excuse to fly halfway round the world. Then I might be able to go that little bit further and meet you and Lindsay!
    So pleased that all your hard work, planning, stressing, and commitment paid off and you had a great weekend!!
    Next time I'll be there. Ok probably not, but I can dream right?!

    Learning to be awesome


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