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Peek At My Week

I thought it might be fun to tell you what I have planned each week.  I typically do my weekly lesson plans on Sunday so it is an easy post for me to keep up with and then you can see all the fun learning we have going on!

I will also share with you items that I have purchased that I plan to use and Items that I made that I plan to use each day!

***Update*** I went to look for a picture to put at the top of this...and low and behold there is a linky for this...Of course there is!

So here it goes!  Week Three.  The official second full week of school.  Can you believe that I am already 9 days into school?  I have a really good set of kids, I am also however supposed to start teaching Minnesota Studies (yes a social studies class) here sometime soon so eventually this post is going to be longer as I will have 4 sections of 6th grade math, one section of 6th grade Minnesota Studies!  Oh goodie!  I also have a Foundations class but i will not be posting lesson plans for that class.  <--It is sort of like a homeroom.  So for the time being...just 6th grade math!

So above are my lesson plans.  Some weeks I am much more detailed, others...I just do this.  We are supposed to have lesson plans that a substitute could follow.  However, As you know about me...I am a writer.  If I do not do these short lesson plans, then I am writing 18 page lesson plans for one week!  Trust me, It happened last year.  This year because I have the ipads my lessons are going to look a little more funny I guess.  I would rather spend the time making the activities for the kids, than the lesson plans that sit outside my door...just saying #sorrynotsorry.

So here is a breakdown of what we are doing!

We are going to put our very first foldable into our ISNs (interactive student notebooks).  Last week we set them up so that we can be successful.  the first two pages have a table of contents, the third page is page one, we then go to the middle of our notebooks and that is where our Daily Math Review is.  counting backwards from there 6 pages is were we do data tracking, and 12 pages from the back is our dictionary.  I am very transparent about our notebooks all looking the exact same in 6th grade.  They are learning how to take notes as many of them have not had to do that before.

We are going to be putting the fold up book by Mrs. B's Best
I really like her fold-up books because they are easy to assemble, still use listening directions, and have all of the information on them.  We will also be underlining and highlighting important ideas.

We are then going to do the practice problem that I have in my lesson plans.  I teach this very specifically by using colors and arrows to ONLY DO ONE STEP at a time.

I am them breaking my class into four groups.  I need names for them...but right now I am working on this:  (I might just go to colors)
Math with my teacher - I pull a small group and make sure they really understand the concept
Math with my partner - Students may work together to help one another...these are typically lower students but can get through the activity if they have someone to work with
Math with my hands - This is a group of "good to go" students.  They are right at grade level and can perform tasks with no help
Math with my creativity - This is a group of HIGH students.  This is typically where I have them work on error analysis and finding new processes. 

My math with my teacher kids are going to be working on Miss Math Dork's graphic organizer
and her product Leafing Through Order of Operations

I really love her products.  You will be seeing a lot of her stuff from me this year!  I like this activity because it makes the students really focus on one step at a time. I feel confident that if students choose a leaf, then use the graphic organizer they will be good to go on the homework activity.  I have printed the graphic organizer and laminated them so they can be reused.  Students will write answer on the task card sheet.

I will also have my math with a partner kids work on the leaf activity but will not be using the graphic organizer and will be using the second tier of questions. 

My Math with my hands kids will be working on 4mula Fun's Solve and Snip Order of Operation

If you have not used these....I really suggest you start!  They are so much fun for kids and I love the self checking aspect of them.  The idea is pretty simple there are 12 questions and 12 answers.  I like to have my students work in groups of 4 with two sets of partners. One set of partners works on number one while the other set is working on number 2.  This way they can get all 12 questions done in the 15 minutes of application time that we get.

Finally my math with my creativity kids will be working on Middle School Math Addict's Error Analysis activity.  I should mention that this is a FREE activity!!!!!  Go Get it now before she realizes that it is awesome and should charge people for it!
I used this activity last year and it was AWESOME!!!!  Students really liked it and enjoyed the writing piece that was in the end of it.  I work closely with the writing teacher on my team and we sometimes will have co-assignments.  Meaning if they write a page of process for me...they can count that as their page of writing in writing class that she assigns every night!  

Finally students are going to have homework that will be due on Wednesday.  It is a similar activity to the Solve and Snip by 4mula Fun but it is more like individual I have Who Has.  It is an activity by Mr. Hughs.  who I found through a Facebook Page!  His activity is called ORder Up!

Since in Minnesota our students learn order of operation in 5th grade but exponents in 6th grade I like this particular activity because it does not have exponents in it. 

Sadly my students are taking a pre-test on Fractions -> Decimals -> Percents. This year my team and I have redone all of our tests.  We will see what happens.

I am so excited for this day I can not explain in words.  I get to start my kids on my brand spanking new classroom set of ipads.  I have big ideas for these.  We will be using them for lot's more than I thought we would be!!!!  Today we are going to go over the expectations of how to use them how to walk with them, when we should have our eyes on the speaker and when it is ok to be listening with just our ears.  After I get done with this post I am going to put the labels on my ipad drawers.  There will be a whole other post about how I set up my classroom for these puppies!

I have created a middle school math Ipad Boot Camp using a few products that I got this summer in hopes that I would be getting the class set of ipads!
The first is Teaching IN Alabama's Ipads and Math Activity
Which is a set of task cards with QR codes.  This will be used at the end of the hour to ensure that students know how to use the QR code and can follow instructions. 
I also am using two products to help guide my boot camp.  The boot camp is designed to make sure that students know how to email, take a picture, watch a video, open their folders on google docs and finally make a blog post and post a comment to someone else's blog post. 
To do this I am using two products by two other teacher creators.  The first is by Core Inspiration by Laura Santos
She has some really nice forms for students and parents to fill out before they use them. I also liked the checklist for license.

I am also using Ipad 101 by Sharing Kindergarten

While many of her things are geared toward a kinder-2nd grader...I found a lot of very helpful hints in this packet.  

I picked up both of these during the BTS sale!

Hahahha so much for fun.  I am making my students take a second pre-test.  Oops. Bad Teacher.  This time it is on multiplying and dividing Fractions. 

I was actually just asked by Jennifer from 4mulaFun if I was going to post my exams on TPT.  I am not and only because they have a grading scale on them that our team has created as well as are aligned to Minnesota State Standards.  

If you are interested in them....please email me at and I am happy to share a pdf version with you. 

Thanks y'all!

What does your week look like!



  1. Such a cute blog you have here! So glad you found me and could link up!


  2. You certainly have a full week! :) I feel your pain about writing plans. I get very long winded when it comes to writing things, and I can never make it short and sweet and to the point. Maybe I'll just blame the teacher in me for that.... I think most of us are like that! :) Hope everything with your iPads goes great. Can't wait to read about it.
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. You've got some serious plans going on this week! I'm in love! :)


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