Back To School Shopping-Teacher Fashion

Hey all.

BTS hit me like a freight train.  Also with my trip.


I got super sick on the way home from England and have not recovered.   They have me on a super crazy drug that makes me super ridiculously tired and also EVERY SINGLE JOINT IN MY BODY is aching!

One of my favorite IG gals(TwentySomethingTeacher!) featured me in her little blog on Friday so I thought I should actually post something NOT related to SLANT.

Teacher Fashion.  I like to think of myself as a pretty stylish gal.  I RARELY pay full price for things.

You can find me shopping at these stores on a regular basis:

One of my very best girlfriends that I never get to see anymore because her store has EXPLODED started this shop in a modest little location in St. Paul.  To my delight she has just announced that she and her business partner (another gal I like to call a good friend) their SIXTH location in the Twin Cities. 

I am a southern gal through and through.  My students laugh when I say the word "Orange" (I pronounce it Are-Enge), Y'all, and "Oh Shoot."  This little shop is owned by a gal with a southern GA girl charm.  I love the clothes and the sales are to DIE for!

No surprises here.  I love a good sweater and pair of jeans. I do not shop anything other than the gap sale rack.  There might be the occasional thing that I buy full price...But with a coupon.   I love stripes and plaid and the Gap never seems to get these wrong.

I can't help it.  I know that they make mom jeans....I know that it falls apart pretty quickly.  But I also know it fits my budget.

I fully Admit that I love thrift store shopping and love to get brand name clothing for much cheaper than one should spend on it.  I love Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, Savers, Mom and Pop Shops.  Lately one of my favorite places to shop and sell is on INSTAGRAM.

I have a shop.  

You can find it here:

LWCsCloset or search @lwcscloset on Instagram.

I haven't really been logging into that account much so if you see something on it that you like you should email me.

OK!  I did want to check in and show you all my fun thrift store finds Target bargains, Old Navy deals and and RedDress Boutique steals that I got for BTS.
Target lot.  Everything was 47.86!!!  I paid full price for the polkadot bag and the striped dress.  Everything else had a major clearance on them.

The Old Navy LOT.  Three pairs of shoes, two button downs, three t-shirts, one pair of leggins, one sweater, one pair of jeans and a scarf....68.96.

Good Will finds.  A vintage dress (complete with shoulder pads) and an H&M jersey knit pencil skirt....So comfy.  
4$ total. 

Value Villiage Old Navy sun dress....2$

Vintage lavender "silk" blouse. 

Here is how I paired up some of my new outfits:

Target sherbet wrap shirt with Target Navy Stretch Pencil Skirt

Target white and sherbet blouse with Target Stretch Pencil Skirt

Target dress with Target grandpa sweater

Target teal and grey blouse with Target cardi and Mossimo Jeans. 

Red Dress Boutique tank with embellished straps and RDB white lace skirt. 

PROBABLY one of my favorite outfits I made up.  RDB yellow floral skirt with a white blouse I got in a STITCH FIX

RDB multi colored blouse with RDB midi teal pleated skirt.  LOVE THIS.  Wore it one of the first days of school when it was super hot and I probably had a fever....Aweseome!

STITCH FIX blouse with new black ankle jeans from OLD NAVY

OH I forgot about this skirt I got at the GOODWILL for 1$  SO cute with this little blouse that was a STITCHFIX item. 

ANOTHER GOODWILL item.  The skirt I think has a tag on it for 2$ it is Target.  I paired it with a denim OLD NAVY shirt that I already had.

Can you say cute wale shirt!  I can.  And with oldNavy byfriends...perfect. 


AHOY! Swquined sweater I got fo 11$ at OLD NAVY and paired it up with some navy cords from the GAP

The ON polkadotted blouse with a hot pink gap skirt!

I really love this shirt.  NO pun intended.  It rememinds me of my family in England.  They always say things are lovely.  I got this and the Holy Chic shirt at Old Navy buy one get one half off.  I had to get mediums but they fit loose and fine.   I think the pink looks nice with the mint of this rugby skirt from Gap

Or with this midi from Target!

The Yellow ON button up and scarf with a navy skirt I got off IG

THis was the outfit I wore the first day of school.  None of my 6th graders got it...but I thought it was awesome

This tan t-shirt I got in the ON clearence section for 2.99$  it is a large, it is cozy and lose. Perfect for fall.  I paired it up with the cranberry cardi and black jeans I also got at ON.  OH and a pair of ballet flats from ON

I forgot this dress I found at one of the thrift stores.  Light weight and could easily be brought into fall with the colors.  IT was 2$

The H&M stretch pencil skirt with a tan sweater.  I wore this the other day with tall coniac boots.  I got so many complements on it. 

I love taking pictures of my fashion and showing it to you...I just suck at taking outfit selfies...even with a good camera and a timer.  I will do my best to document and post on Wednesdays again this year!

Did you get any good outfits for back to school?



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