Twin Cities Travelin Episode 2 : Lyndale Rose Gardens

Hey all!

I am so late getting this out and I hope that Zhenya over at is not mad at me.  We were going to have these out by Friday of LAST WEEK and I dropped the flipping ball!  

So As you might have figured out she and I have decided to become tourists in our own town. She is from Russian, I am from Arkansas...Not nearly as exciting.  Anyway we are both transplants so we decided to take some quality time with our home town.  On IG we are hashtaging it #tct so be sure to check out the HT if you are planning a trip to the Twin Cities any time soon!

Ok here we go! 

So this week we went to the Lyndale Rose Gardens.  I had never even heard of them and Zhenya had discovered last year with her husband.  They were really pretty.  Apparently they have loads of weddings there.

As we walked into the garden there was this great quote:
I have no idea who it is by.  LMC?

So we are at a garden.  I really do love plants.  All about them, from the biology, to the beauty of them.  I am pretty sure I have never seen an "ugly" flower, and am amazed at how much is actually edible.  We found something called Chocolate Mint.
Seeing as my favorite icecream is Mint Chocolate Chip I had to taste it!
Sure flipping enough, it tasted like chocolate mint ice-cream or candy!  Like a York Peppermint Patty! So fun!

But seriously there were so many beautiful plants and flowers! 

You know my love for turtles if you read this post from last year!  Well at the garden they had THE most wonderful fountain!
Look at those Chelonians! 
So stinking cute!  

So I said it in my last post about TCT that Minnesota has a RICH American Indian heritage.  This was the sculpture on top of the turtles. 

As we walked out of the gardens I saw the Placard with the history of the garden. 

It was really interesting to read the history and I love all the old pictures.  Then I saw it.  Some of you know my OBSESSION with the Presidents of the United States.  Well there it was.  In beautiful handwriting.  The mother load of all presidential couples was here once.  AND LOVED IT.

Boom.  The Kennedy's.

After this we went into this little peace rock garden that was just to the left of the rose garden.  It was very tranquil.
The coolest part was there was this origami crane sculpture thing.  

you started by getting some paper.

They were out.  Luckily I am a teacher and always have a notebook in my bag!

So we made squares and went for it. Along the rocks there were iron plaquards telling us how to fold our peace crane.
Some steps were ridiculous. 
Eventually we made little cranes:

It was a cool little momento!

Then we went for a hike! 

Zhenya hikes glam style!

After we got flooded out and had to turn around we went into this little area at the end where tthese sculptures were.  I really liked everything about them. 

I thought this one was very fitting as a teacher. 

After we were done with the gardens we went to Lake Harriet and walked around. 

I made these super cute water bottles for our outings with my new Cameo:
They are so stinking fun!  I am loving this machine too!

We went to the bathroom. <---sorry TMI
but the bathroom was really cool.

The floor was really cool.  and aside from the "wet floor sign" the fireplace was beautiful!

As we were walking back we found this guy!

Another turtle to end my day with!

SO much fun.  I am having a blast.  Next up:
Como Zoo Conservatory - we might go peek at a few of the animals!!!
The Russian Tea House!



  1. Looks like soooo much fun!! I will put those places on my America Bucket list. I will also start said list in the morning so that I have some where to put these places!
    I think that tomorrow I will follow suit and become a tourist in my own town. Which coincidently is a tourist town.

    Learning to be awesome

  2. This looks like such an amazing adventure!!! I love that you were able to explore and enjoy an area so close to you. You have inspired me to make a day trip some where I haven't been!

    Marcy Searching for Teacher Balance


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