Review Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit

As we get into summer I know that many of us do DIY for our classroom.  OH if we could only decorate our classrooms with all store-bought things life would be so much more relaxing in the summer!

I have a ton of DIY planned out...I am assuming you saw my post yesterday about my TODO list!!! While I was at Michaels looking for paint for my projects I found this...So I did what any impulse buyer would do...I bought it.  I like the idea of speeding up my paint time for all my wood projects or anything that I would use acrylic paint for.  I have a lot of it.  But I did not want to spend the money on the expensive MS paint. Let's see if it works with the cheap store brand.

This is what comes in the box.

Bummer.  Only two little bottles.  Oh well. 

Directions say mix 1:1 (hey real life ratios in the form of mixtures and concentrations!!!!) of the enclosed spray paint medium and MS satin accrylic paint.    I don't have her paint I just have this:

Which after using my coupon was $2.50 less than hers, (hey real life subtracting decimals) and works the exact same.

Any way, lets try it shall we.

First I put the paint in, I hope this works because I am using about a half a bottle of the paint. 

The bottle has handy little measuring lines. (Hey real life choosing appropriate measurements and units!). I chose 30ml of paint.  So using my 6th grade math skills with ratios I know that I also need 30ml of the spray paint medium.

I forgot to take a picture of when input the medium in. But they did not mix. Oil and water.

So I resorted to what every good teacher should have floating around:

A pop circle stick.

This mixed it up pretty good. So I put the nozzle straw on and twisted the bottle back onto the paint sprayer.

The instructions say to "practice" first.  NOW.  I am a pretty awesome spray painter.  I intact often use the term SPRAYpaintingNINJA and you will see me hashtaggin that title all over Instagram.  But I will do what the instructions say.

Hmmm.  Looks good. IM actually quite impressed.  Looks a little splatter painted but hey...Beggers can't be choosers. Let's try it on my project board:

Nice! I'll actually go back over with a coat of the blue just so it has the same consistency but that was pretty slick!  This saved me quite a bit of time on the larger part of my project.  All in all it was easy to use, easy to clean and made my life a little easier. I am sold.  

***I was not contacted my Michaels or by Martha Stewart.  I just wanted to do a review because I like gadgets and like telling my friends if there is a product that might make their life easier.***

Now, go get your 40% off coupon to Michaels and go get one for all your acrylic painting needs this summer. 



  1. Good to know! I love your "real life math" bits! You crack me up!

    Thriving in 3rd

  2. I'm intrigued.... may need to do a Michael's run now. Also, you should think about linking up with our Math is Real Life that we do each month on the first Wednesday :) You seem pretty natural at it already :)

    Jamie aka MissMathDork

  3. Thanks for sharing! Might have to do some investigating myself!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade


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