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Pin Up Thursday....ER....Friday.

I like this linky a lot!  It is easy for me to do because we ALL use Pinterest.  Probably more than we should.  HEHEHEH.

SO here I am linking up with Mrs. McClain again!! Although I am a day late.  Oops.

While our district is in the process of going 1:1 with Apple iPads (holy huge is an article.) I was given 20 iPads to use in my classroom next year. I am going to try to have a completely paperless classroom (other than our ISN's) so I have been looking for resources for going paperless, flipping my classroom, and anything that is iPad related.

This pin is for an app called Showbie.  This is an app that allows teachers an easy way of assigning, collecting and leaving feedback for assignments that are done all on iPads. I am trying to figure out how I am going to do assignments and such this year being that I only have 20 iPads but this might work out well.

This pin is amazing.  It is a step by step of how to set up google docs in your classroom.  What an awesome find. We use Google Apps for Education so I just have to figure out who my students are.  I am planning on using BLOGGER for class blogs (I am trying to figure that one out still but I think it will be how I do homework....more to come on that one.)

This is a pretty good article for getting iPads ready for the classroom.  Because these iPads will not be on the configuration that the rest of our iPads use in our school I have to do this by myself and independently.  I really like the idea of giving each iPad a name and an email address. The email address could be very handy for quick sending to me files that are not GOOGLE DRIVE.

From The Organized Classroom

Um.  DUH.  How cool is this. You know you have those kids.  The ones that EVERY TIME THEY COME TO CLASS THEY HAVE TO GO TO THE NURSE.  

Our nurse actually quit this year because of the year that we had.  We had really bad students and sometimes teachers would "just let them go" when they bugged you to go to the nurse. 

I LOVE THIS IDEA.  The blog post is here.  This is such a smart idea.  The second drawer is "try a mint" I feel like this could need to be re-filled a lot but at the same time if I can cut down the "can I go to the nurse?" talks I am all for it. As a 6th grade teacher I have been wondering about pads. I do not know if girls would grab one out of here if they needed one but that could be the bottom drawer.

Hope you had fun seeing what I pinned.  Can't wait to see what you pinned!



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This was a really fun project that I did with my 7th graders when we were working on ratios, Rates and proportions that I never got a chance to post this past year, and I will not be teaching 7th grade again! (sort of sad...but not really.)
To introduce the topic we started with a review of ratios.  Below you will find the worksheet that went along with the project.  You can see this student was using her worksheet to help her think of a topic idea!!  LOVE!

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