June/July SLANTbox Sign Ups Are OPEN

Tell your mamma!  Tell your friends!

OK I had a super crazy end of the year with going to Mexico, my dad getting sick, running 3 5k's, oh...and teaching.  My students were actually decent for my sub when I had one for 8 days, and they did not drive me to want to pull my hair out.  

Thanks to all my teachers friends who continued to follow me on IG.  It is so much easier to just give a quick update.

ANY WAY, the real reason you are probably here...I know It is ok.  I see those diagnostics, anytime there is something with the word SLANTbox in the title my views instantly SKY ROCKET!

OK here is what I am thinking:

I love summer, and since we have a 2 month weekend here I am saying that we are going to have a 2 month SLANTbox!  This is an easy one, and because I KNOW just how hard it is to stay caught up with emails (especially over the summer), I am going with "sunshine" basically make it something that any teacher would LOVE to open on a sunny day.

  • YELLOW items
  • items with the word SUN in them (sunglasses, sunscreen)
  • Find some puns (SUN-body loves you)
  • If you get to know your partner well enough, take some photos of you and your family enjoying the sun
  • beachy things
THis time around...because I am sorry but I just did not get to making the sign ups.... I am going to leave the sign ups open until the 22 of JUNE (THAT IS A SUNDAY YALL!!).  I will promptly make matches on the 23rd.  I WILL NOT BE DOING LATE ENTRIES...Please tell everyone you know that it is open and sign up soon so you do not forget.  I would like to have a summer this year. You will have until THURSDAY the 26th to let me know if you have not exchanged - meaning both of you have responded (SEND EMAILS TO BOTH OF YOUR PARTNERS, or RESPOND TO THE EMAIL YOUR PARTNERS HAVE SENT TO YOU!!!).  I have a wedding that I am in the weekend of the 26th so I will not be doing re-matches until JUNE 30.

WE WILL BE SENDING OUR June/July Boxes around the 25th of July.  I promise I will be more on the ball for August.

If you want more information on SLANTboxes please click HERE!

IF you do not need more information:



  1. This sounds like fun! Thank you for organizing!

  2. Can't wait to participate again! MAY was so much fun! Thanks for organizing this! I hope that your summer is less stressful than this last month! Was there a Link-Up to share our MAY surprises that I missed?

  3. My May box arrived today, will you be doing a linky for the reveals? Thanks so much for organising!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  4. EXCITED!!! SO SO SO EXCITED! Just sayin'. :)

    Funky in Fourth

  5. Sad that I missed it...I am out of town and it slipped my mind.


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