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Creating Ratio Posters

This was a really fun project that I did with my 7th graders when we were working on ratios, Rates and proportions that I never got a chance to post this past year, and I will not be teaching 7th grade again! (sort of sad...but not really.)

To introduce the topic we started with a review of ratios.  Below you will find the worksheet that went along with the project.  You can see this student was using her worksheet to help her think of a topic idea!!  LOVE!

She also was not very careful with her worksheet.  Sorry for the wrinkles.  As you can see the students had to pick a topic, draw or represent (i told them they could use stickers or glue objects to their poster) 20 objects, then on a second sheet of paper complete 10 questions relating to ratios from their poster and reflect.  Here is what this student came up with!

If you have had any questions about using art or projects in a math class here it is, Directly from the mouth (er, hand) of a student.  STUDENTS LOVE VISUAL PROJECTS AND WANT TO DO MORE OF THEM.  Get rid of tests!  <---LOL kidding...but not really.

She did really great.  I was very proud of the posters that came in.  Here are a few more goodies.

Some were not as good artistically but hey, he got the idea of ratios.  That was the point.

I love this one!

The following is actually a boy's.  He is a level 2 ELL student.  I loved him.  Apparently he was really cheeky in his other classes.  I was his only mainstreamed class and he really kicked up his learning in my class.

Then there is this boys.  Apparently this is a thing?  Rainbow cat?

I thought this one was really cute.  Mindless Behavior is a boy band that some of my students listen too.  Here is a picture of them:

She did her poster on them and the OMG GIrlz. HAHAHA love! Here is a picture of OMG G.

This was a fun project.  I will post a link to the worksheet a little later I just really wanted to get this one up!



  1. That sounds like a brilliant project. I love the depth of the last question and what your kiddos came up with! Can't wait to see the worksheet :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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