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April SLANTbox Reveal

It is that time of the month!  Hopefully you have sent out your SLANTboxes or are in the process of sending them out!

I had so much fun with this months theme.  I sent out my box to Sarah at A Rocky Top Teacher  Yesterday.  I am a little bit behind the game.  Sorry Sarah!  I am a little sad to see the box go because it is everything that reminds me of my favorite book!  I can not wait to see her reaction.

I was also pared up with Lisa at PAWSitively Teaching.  She was SOOOOOOOO sweet and spoiled me rotten.  I was super excited when I got the box before I even opened it!  It was heavy, decorated, and covered in duct tape.  HAS to be good if Duct Tape is involved!!!

I new immediately that there was a ROSE theme so I started to rack my brain about what book it could be.  Since I am middle school I am quite out of the loop when it comes to picture books.
I loved that she found the super cute note pad with the puppy wearing a pink sweater!  What a great way to incorporate the book theme and her blog!

Here are a few of the goodies close up!

I could not figure out the book!  So I had to just open it!

Holy Crap!  I could not be any happier!  I am a STEM specialist for elementary!  I am licensed to teach engineering or mathematics in Middle School!  So this was SOOOOO right up my ally!  LOVE it!

I made a movie but it deleted from my phone so here is the link to the video on my IG!

OK now for the Linky!
So here are the rules,  I am borrrowing a bit from FARLEY at Oh Boy 4th Grade and how she does her link for her fabulous Currently posts!  (PS. I am sooooooo late for May!)

Here are the rules...
1) You must link up directly to your reveal post.  If you do not have a blog, link to your Instagram or FB post that you posted.  Please make this be the specific post and not just to your main page.  I want it so that if someone clicks on your beautiful face, they see your awesome SLANTbox.  I too, like Farley, had some trouble in the past of people sending links to their TPT stores.  I am not trying to get ugly here....but SLANTboxes is about collaboration, meeting people, and sharing....not advertisement. 

2) Please click the link to 2-4 other blogs and leave a heartfelt comment about their SLANTbox.  Some of us are "well known" bloggers, others are just getting their feet wet.  Spread the love.  For a small blog, having the like of someone "blog-famous" is a big deal.  You honestly never know who your biggest fans are!

3) Finally, come back in a day or two and leave one more comment.  Grab someone that has posted AFTER you!

That is it!  I can not wait to see the books that were selected for this months theme!  I have already started to see them pop up on Instagram and I NEED to go to Barnes and Nobel like now.



  1. Love the rose theme. I have heard great things about that book too. It does sound perfect for you.

    I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make these things happen. I am new to this whole blogging thing and this really helps me meet new people, gives me something fun to blog about, and let's me see all the cool things other people come up with. You rock!

  2. I have never heard of Rosie Revere before, but it looks like a great book! And all the rose-themed things are so pretty and cheerful... what a great theme for spring! I have visited the five blogs that are already linked up. I can't wait for more to link up... it is fun to see what everyone got!


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