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Summer School or Not?

Well, it is getting to that time.  Do I teach summer school or not.

J and I are trying to save up money for lots of things.  Particularly two international trips that we are going to this year for weddings, maybe a house, and "other things."

SO.  Do I take my chances at private tutoring for a not guaranteed 30$ an hour cash with a flexible schedule, or do I just sign up for summer school and make a guaranteed $28 an hour taxed with a set schedule?

Here is a pros and cons list for summer school:
  • I can get some work done in my classroom before school starts as I am already there.
  • I can get to meet some of my students that I will have next year early. (learning styles, who the trouble makers are)
  • guaranteed money
  • its only 8 weeks
  • it is enough hours a week for it to be almost like 2 paychecks per week (I have my salary go through summer)
  • paychecks spend differently than cash....
  • I have to go to work in summer
  • I have to teach math all day (again)
  • Non air conditioned building
  • set schedule.  I can not just go to the beach on a Tuesday with my dog.
  • It is 8 weeks
  • It is a lot of hour a week....
Here is a pros and cons list for tutoring:
  • I can set the schedule that I want to work
  • I would be working with students that I do not normally see or teach
  • I would be getting cash
  • I would be at a coffee shop (yummy)
  • It is by my house
  • airconditioning. 
  • as many or as little students as I want.
  • I do not know if I am that self motivated to organize not only grad school and multiple students
  • I might not have a lot of students
  • I might get more than I can all know I have a problem saying no
  • Have to find a location that will support me and my "students"
  • I will not get to see the students after the summer

Oh.  I hate this decision.  What would you do?



  1. I am having the same dilemma this year. I have always taught. We have very looonngg days because we spend all day with the kiddos-even lunch and still go 8-3. This is the first year I'm thinking of maybe just taking a break. If I was going to teach the kids I was slated to have for the following year, that might make me do it though. Good luck with your decision.

  2. As a professional tutor, I totally see your problem. My students drop dramatically over the summer--only my college students and my get-ahead kids. Maybe find out who would actually be interested in being tutored? Get a head count and see if it is worth it financially and time-wise. Or maybe offer a summer week program (something I am considering doing for the first time this year!). That way, you only have one week, get as many kids as possible for the same subject/level and charge a little more than a regular tutoring session. Provide some fun games and snacks within the tutoring. That way you have more time. Downside: finding a location.

    I pray you do what is best for you :)
    G-Iron Tutor

  3. I think you have to decide what works best for you. I do teach summer school and I like knowing my exact hours and subjects. Yes, it is taxed and I make less than tutoring but I also know my content and have access to everything I need like copiers, supplies, etc. since I teach summer school at my school or one of our district's elementary schools. But I also need routine and don't like the unknown. Not that I couldn't easy come up with things for tutoring (Thank You Pinterest) but I like knowing the expectations and that I'm done by 11:30 no matter what!! :)

    Best of luck in your choice!
    My Shoe String Life.

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