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Finally a linky I can keep up with!  I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest.  Sometimes I am really into it.  Others, not so much.  Today I was sitting on prep, I can not be in my room because another teacher is in my room on my prep so I could not call parents, I had nothing to copy or print because my kiddos are testing, and I do not like the other teachers that I share a prep with (too much gossip about dates, hangovers and smack against the principal) so I started to pin.

I was pinning a lot more than I should have been while "getting paid."  Then when I get home there is this awesome little IG from Krazy About Teaching telling me to link up. Ok. Don't have to twist my arm to much.  

SO here I am linking up with Mrs. McClain!

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I like this anchor chart A LOT.  I mean so much that I am filing this in the Beg Borrow Steal category of Pins.  We will be doing this exactly the way that it is.  I also really want to have a carpet time with my kids.  I think this is perfect for an easel and carpet time in middle school.   What do you think?

From TPT - Store Enriching To Engage
Ok. First of all, one of the things I like about Pinterest is it lets me find new shops on TPT.  The other thing I like about it is that you find some rockstar activities.  When the worlds combine it is heaven.  This activity is so fun, but so great.  I can see the kiddos really getting into it.  So what if it is for 3-5 grade?  my 6th and 7th graders are totally going to dig doing it!

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We have been ROCKING the ISN's this year. I can not wait till this summer to document them in full detail and get them up on a blog for you all!  This one is so stinking cute I can not handle it.  I sort of want to take this and write a story about an ice-cream shop or something that we have to do a "cloze reading" ---> omg this is how far in the MATH world I am.  I hear this buzz topic all the time.  Is it cloze or close? <---- then apply the foldable.  I sort of want to make this day more about reading, and deciding the likely hood of something happening before we get into experimental probability.  This should probably have been my 2nd Pin.  LOL.

Directory Not Found...ERROR...Sadly again no original source.  Crying face. 
Um.  DUH.  How cool is this. So practical and "real life"  How often do we say that "I call random students!"  I can not wait to make these this weekend.

You know I will be laminating them.

Now to find a game that has to go along with them!  I might have to make one up.  Perhaps you have to spin the person wheel, and a roll a dice...the dice will equate to a task or a skill that that person has to perform.  

OH GENIUS!  I am totally using this to when we start talking about probability trees! 

Thanks internet friends for helping me plan next Friday!

Hope you had fun seeing what I pinned.  Can't wait to see what you pinned!



  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us! I LOVE the student wheel!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it just to die for! I really can't stand it. I am still trying to finalize my thoughts about how to make it work in my classroom but I am pumped I found it for this week.

      Thanks for the love!

  2. Howdy! Thanks for linking up with me at my blog! The student wheel is ingenious. And I definitely want to know more about your ISN' would be interesting to see how it could be adapted and perhaps modified for lower grade levels.

    1. Hey! No problem. I have been trying to find a linky that I can actually keep up with and this is it. I can pin on Monday, write a quick blog and have it post on Thursday. Not going to lie! I already have 2 written. :)

  3. The ISN is really cute! I know my adult learners would have so much fun doing something craftsy like that. Good idea :D
    G-Iron Tutor


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