Oh man, it feels good to be back.  Because my "BACK" is really coming back I am a little late to Farley's Currently.  I am happy that she got a sponsor and it is going on.

BY THE WAY.  What the heck is a blog sponsor?  WOULD LOVE it if someone would help me out on that one. 

Listening: I know it came out this summer.  I know it is kind of tired.  But I love it and I do NOT care.
Loving:  Um seriously.  How can you not love this color?

Thinking:  I went to a DAY LONG PD on the book Teach Like a Champion.
I am not going to lie.  I like this book, but these are just TECHNIQUES.  I A) do not think that we needed to spend 8 hours looking at examples of UBER perfect classes, and B) think that this book has all the answers - like many of my colleagues do.  There are good things in this..but ultimately your classroom is your classroom.  You have to have buy in before kids EVER will.  SO, the whole DO IT AGAIN things.  Sorry. if I can not come up with a REAL reason why my kids should WANT to come in and begin their do now immediately other than "because I want to walk into a calm classroom" then why should they buy into it?  At that point, DO IT AGAIN becomes a joke.  Sorry.  I am done venting. 

Wanting: nuff said
Needing:  I am really procrastinating today.  That is bad news.
???????: You figure it out!

Have a super day!


  1. I am so glad you are back to feeling well enough to blog often. I missed your posts! :) That dinner sounds super yummy to me too. How about a question like - What is my favorite meal for someone else to prepare for me?

  2. I love that nail color! I did a post about Teach Like a Champion a few weeks ago. I think it's a great resource for many teachers, and it seems to be the expectation among charter schools. As you said, though, I didn't do a PD on it... I just read it and picked the techniques I liked best for my classroom.


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