MARCH SLANTbox Exchange Reveal Linky

It is that time of the month!  Hopefully you have sent out your SLANTboxes or are in the process of sending them out!

So since I did not participate this month I have nothing to reveal which makes me a little sad...but you know...I sort of needed to get my life in gear before I start tying to do everything again!  I am thinking about doing April because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme....However I do not want to be a flake....agian.  :(

So here are the rules,  I am borrrowing a bit from FARLEY at Oh Boy 4th Grade and how she does her link for her fabulous Currently posts!  (PS. Can not wait for April!)

Here are the rules...
1) You must link up directly to your reveal post.  If you do not have a blog, link to your Instagram or FB post that you posted.  Please make this be the specific post and not just to your main page.  I want it so that if someone clicks on your beautiful face, they see your awesome SLANTbox.  I too, like Farley, had some trouble in the past of people sending links to their TPT stores.  I am not trying to get ugly here....but SLANTboxes is about collaboration, meeting people, and sharing....not advertisement. 

2) Please click the link to 2-4 other blogs and leave a heartfelt comment about their SLANTbox.  Some of us are "well known" bloggers, others are just getting their feet wet.  Spread the love.  For a small blog, having the like of someone "blog-famous" is a big deal.  You honestly never know who your biggest fans are!

3) Finally, come back in a day or two and leave one more comment.  Grab someone that has posted AFTER you!

That is it!  I can not wait to see the SLANTboxes back in action!  I have already started to see them pop up on Instagram!!!



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