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September SLANTbox Exchange Matches

The September theme and detailed rules for the exchange can be found HERE.   Please go read this thoroughly before you email me with any questions.

Instructions now that you are paired!
2) Below you will find a link to a Google Doc where I have created all of your matches.  Please download the file before asking questions about it.  Here are some things to know about the Google Doc:
  • There are 6 tabs.
  • The first three are a list of all of the participants divided into groups.  Like I said in the email.  You are divided into bloggers and non-bloggers, and then willing to send internationally, and not willing to send internationally.  As months go on you are more than welcome to switch groups (except for my international friends right now.  As there was only 5 this month you will always have to be willing to send internationally I hope this does not offend you.)
  • The last three are the matches 
    • To find who you are sending to: Look for your email in the first column (It is alphabetical) and the educator you are sending to is to the right of your email.
    • To find who is sending to you: Find your email in the second column and the educator who is sending to you is to the left of your email. 

2) Once you know the emails of your partners, go back to the participant page that matches you. Search for their emails (again alphabetically) you will also find their first name, email and blog URL (if applicable).  This is how you know who to address your email too, and where to start getting to know your partner is.

3) You have until this SATURDAY (9.7.2013), 11:59pm CST to contact both of your partners.  It is your responsibility to get in contact with both of them. This means the person you are sending to AND the person that is sending to you.  Please do not wait around until someone contacts you.  Be proactive.  

4) If you try to contact your partners but get no response, please respond to my original email by 11:59pm CST on SUNDAY the 8th and I will try to work something out with a new pairing. These will be done MONDAY (SEPTEMBER 9th) so I will not accept any emails after this time for a new pair.  Please understand that I cannot be responsible for everyone’s actions so be responsible for you own. Last month I was doing re-pairing till almost the 15th.  I will not be doing that this month as school has started.  IF you email me saying you have not heard from your partner by SUNDAY night I will refer you to this blog post.

5) Please follow this month's theme for your partner's box. Do not make up your own theme or send your partner a crazy box that has nothing to do with them.  I know sometimes themes are hard to follow, but you can do it.  I know you can. You are an educator.  You could figure out a way to make The Lorax into a PE unit if you could.

6) Get to know your partners and don't forget to send your box out by SEPTEMBER 25!  We still have some people sending out AUGUSTs boxes.  That needs to be done so people do not tattle on you and call you a flake!!!!!

7) Use #SLANTboxes when you tweet, instagram or FaceBook so everyone can see the boxes you receive.  Remember if you share a picture of the box you are sending (do not spoil the surprise!  Just share pictures of the outside of your box and blur out any addresses.

8) If you are a blogger, you MUST link up with the Slant Box reveal linky party on Lessons With Coffee at the end of the month.  I feel like I should have a LOT more links posted for AUGUST!!!!!!

Now that you have read everything let me know if you have any questions.  Here is the link to see your matches!

Go get your stalk creep communication with other educators on!


  1. I am sorry, but I can not seem to find the theme for September anywhere. When I click on the link you provided, it just leads me back to the August theme. Would you mind sharing this information again for me?

    Thank you (and thank you for coming up with this idea -- I absolutely loved getting my box last month!)

    Anne :)

    1. The theme for this month is posted here. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post. There's an explanation of it too. ;)

      September's SLANTbox Theme

      Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

  2. I'm really excited to participate for the first time. Thank you for taking the time to set this up!!

  3. I am in the same boat as Anne! I don't see the theme.

  4. Thank you for doing this again! :) I still haven't received my SLANTbox for August, but as soon as I do, I'll link up, no worries!


    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

  5. Thank you for setting this up. I had a hard time finding the theme too...finally did.

    Due to overwhelming requests the theme for September is: OH MY GOODNESS! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT (blank

  6. OH My Goodness! I can't believe that I gave you the wrong email address!!!
    I have looked and looked to email you personally, but couldn't find it and since I sent my wrong one, I never got one from you...
    My email is
    I looked at the list and if I read it correctly I am my own partner. While I do know myself best, I REALLY do want to participate in this exchange.
    My sincerest apologies!!!!

  7. My application didn't go through I forgot to complete and send...sadness. If someone doesn't contact please add me again.

  8. Sorry about the typo on my email address. I have gotten an email from one of my partners so all is good. Mea culpa!


  9. I can not find the emails for the two I am supposed to!
    I was so excited to start this, especially after hearing from my two new teacher buddies.
    Please tell me how to look....
    Mary Anne

  10. I don't see my name, but I know I submitted in time so I wonder what happened? Bummer! I was excited about this! I'll try again next month :)

    Teaching in the Tongass


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