Really Middle School.....Really?

So, yesterday my phone was stolen. 


Not only is it lame but it is stupid.  So it was stolen out of my desk.  I had nothing in my room that locked. (I got a key to my desk today....Day late dollar short).

It was an iPhone.  A really, really old one.  So old in fact, when I went to ATT to get a new one (I have to wait 4 weeks if I want an iphone 5s...) they told me that I can buy my same style one for $0.01.  That is a penny.

So a kid stole a phone that is worth a penny.  WTF!

I went to do track my phone or what ever the app is called and the kid turned it off.  Not trackable.  So I called ATT and they hooked me up saying that it is now marked as a stolen phone and no carrier will service it.  

I ended up getting a super old track phone and I am back to good old t9.  It is kind of like riding a bike...the skill comes back pretty quick.  With the hopes that the kid will return it.

I did find out who took it through other kids :).  I do not have this student.  It is a student of the teacher that teaches in my room while I am PLCing.  (STUPID again.)

But we can not blame him just ask him if he "accidentally picked it up with his things when he left" (even though it was IN MY DESK!!!!!!)

The principal talked to the kid and told him to "check his stuff" and "if he did mistakenly grab it" to bring it in tomorrow morning.  If he doesn't I am to call the police.

So!!!!!  That means no Instagram.  No pictures of sweet stuff I am doing in my class.  No mobile email checks.  Really it just means LAMENESS.

So if you do not see any Instagrams from me for like a is because I am using a dinosaur for a phone.

I have been having the worst luck lately.  It HAS to get better right?



  1. Oh no - that is shocking, to have something stolen from your desk. I hope you old phone comes back or the month you need to wait goes quickly for you.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. I am so sorry. That stinks. My husband had his stolen last weekend at the casino in Biloxi. It was a big pain and mainly so annoying.

  3. That's terrible! It's so sad that someone would do something like especially when it's old and outdated anyway... I wonder what goes through these kids minds sometimes. My thoughts are with you! If you need anything, you have all the virtual support you need! ;)


  4. Oh man that stinks!
    I'm super paranoid when kids go snooping around my desk. The only thing I've ever had stolen was my super cool mechanical pencils (yay for teaching 3rd grade!).
    I hope it gets returned!

    Adventures in Multigrade

  5. Ugh! I'm so sorry! I had stuff stolen from me last year when I was out for a week with a double ear infection during which I lost my hearing temporarily. The "stuff" isn't important, but the feeling violated and disrespected certainly is. ((hugs))

  6. That's horrible! I'm sorry and I pray your phone returns to you soon!

  7. So...did u get your phone back?


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