NEW Frayer Model

I want desperately to post about my ISN's which are going smashingly with both my 6th graders and my 7th graders!

But I do not have pictures or anything yet....I will get on that ASAP.  


I want to share today about my Frayer Model dilemma and solution.

I love FM's.  They rock my vocabulary world.  What I did not love was the "non example" section.  Often I could think of a non example but had a hard time verbalizing it to students.  OR if I let them come up with a "non example" they almost always had a miss conception about the word.  So I changed it to PROVE IT/DRAW IT.

This has worked SO MUCH BETTER than it did last year.  It really helps my kiddos who are struggling with the abstract thoughts and put's it very concretely, pictorially and allows them that kinesthetic avenue of modeling and drawing it out. 

SO I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:

You can download them here: PROVE IT FRAYER MODEL PPT
UPDATE...this link does not work for what ever reason.  If you would like this please email me with FM in the subject line and I am happy to share!  Thanks Lisa for letting me know.  :)

If you want it to be like I have where students fill in the blank just add a text box over what ever you want and start typing. 


The kids love it because that is a "marker time" piece.  I am very cognizant of when they are allowed to use markers and when they are not.  I tell them if I am using black or grey on the smart board, they are using pencil, if I have it in color on the board, they may use color in their notebook.

I am so stinking excited to get my life organized and share these wonderful tools for you!  Until then, enjoy my FM's



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