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My Nightmare Has Come True

So, I had all of these grand envisions of becoming this amazing blogger that kept up with her blog, grad school, her classroom planning, Coaching, and you know having a life.  

That all stopped two weeks ago when my principal came to me and said:

"you are also going to be teaching 7th grade pre algebra and 7th grade support"

I deflated.  I now have 5 preps.  You heard me 5 preps.  I spent all summer creating this perfect environment for 6th grade girls.  As that is what I was told I would be doing.  I have this amazing neon room filled with adorable girly things. 

and now I have an 8th grade homeroom (that is graded and I have to make lessons for...) two 6th grade math classes, a 6th grade support class, a 7th grade support class and 7th grade pre-algebra. 

oh. AND the 7-8th grade classes are co-ed. 

I am frustrated, tired and spend my entire weekends planning for too many PREPS.  3 of my classes have NO CURRICULUM and no guidance.  I have spent the last two weekends trying to make some sort of scope and sequence for the three so that when it does come down to it I can just roll from there.

I told myself I did not want my blog to just be all about SLANTboxes but as the deadline is approaching I am finding myself running out of days in the week to post blogs about the KILLER ISN's that my students are creating!  In the mean time I have barely talked to my own SLANT partners (I am such a bad SLANT role model).

I am hoping that everything will smooth out over the next few weeks and it will not be such a pain in my rear end.

Until then.

Happy teaching y'all!



  1. Warm fuzzies sent to you and a smile or two!

  2. All the positive vibes I can possibly send are going your way! Along with lots of smiles! Keep at it girl, it will get better!

  3. Sending you positive thoughts and well wishes!! :) If anyone can get through it, it is you!!

  4. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! ;) You deal with what you need to deal with and know that blog land will be here for you! :)

  5. Positive thoughts are being sent your way!!

    My Crazy Life

  6. I definitely feel you on the whole "last minute change of plans" thing. I spent the whole summer thinking I'd be teaching multigrade K-2 and 3 weeks before school started I was switched to 3-5!

    You can do it! Hang in there!

    Adventures in Multigrade

  7. Sending you tons of positivity! I am sorry that you have so much on your plate!


  8. You do seem to have a heavy workload - I am your newest follower and am amazed at your SLANTbox ideas and would love to be another international contributor from Australia if you do another one.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  9. Sending happy thoughts and smiles your way!!!! I am sure you an awesome teacher and can do this!!!! :)



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