My August SLANT BOX!

OH my goodness.  I was going to come home and blog about completely lame things just to put a blog up.  BUT I got home, checked the mail and my SLANTbox from Molly at Lucky To Be In First finally came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ON a side note...Does anyone know how to rotate pictures on BLOGGER with out editing the picture first?  I am LAZY as dirt!  I was super excited!  It was the perfect ending to a GREAT first day with my students.  Yes yesterday was our first day but as I said in my CURRENTLY, I only got to hang out with my homeroom.  Today I got to meet all my kiddos!!!!!!

INside of my box was a cute hand written note...New nail polish (That I don't already have...double score!!!!)... A super cute owl nail file (going strait to work!)...Binder rubber bands!!!!! (Oh my gosh.  I love these.  I use them in my huge binders for PD, my binders for GRAD SCHOOL, and my binders for LEGO League!!!!!)...and the cutest stinking note cards known to man!!!!!!!

I kind of can not wait for a kiddo to blow me away so I can send a note to their parents/guardians to say what a rock star kid they have!!!!!!

My picture are horrible because no flash happened!!  Sorry.

Then the flash happened on the nail polish ????

Cherry red!  FUN I do not have this one.  I like this brand a lot!  Between my old CaraBox, the New SLANT box and my JUlip box...I am in full stock of nail polish.

Oh I wanted to give a way a little something!  Here is a set of leopard papers!!!  Sorry I do not have time to make a sweet little picture of them all but here is what my favorite (pink) one, and the rainbow one look like!!!

Neon of course!

I used them for my desk plates!

Next up for my blog.  Tomorrow I will post the matches.  And sometime over the weekend I am going to do my classroom reveal post!  I am so happy with the way it came out.  Everyone (including my principal!!!!!!!) loves it and says that they all wish they would have learned 6th grade math in it!!!

So happy!  I am off now to do the September pairings for the SLANTbox Exchange!!!!!



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    1. Thanks!!!! I am busy pairing up September!!!!!

      So Exciting. I always start with the columns I am not it is even more worth while when I get my own pair. I don't do anything special...just the same thing I do for everyone else!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see this month's matches! :) I love this idea so much..thanks for organizing it!
    The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher

  3. Too cute. I am still awaiting the arrival of my SLANT box. I can't wait!


  4. I signed up for the Slant Box too. Looking forward to hearing something soon. What a neat little idea.

  5. Your digital papers are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us! Teaching with Giggles


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