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I feel like I have not had any time what so ever to put forth into this blog.  How do you all do it?  DO you set side time daily, monthly?  Or do you just do it when you get time.  I feel like I have so much to tell everyone but I seriously have no time to sit down and write it out articulately!  I am loveing INSTAGRAM for quick updates but feel like I am letting quite a few of you down!

I have done a lot for my classroom and had a little bit of time to work in it yesterday.  I will be there all day on THursday and Friday and even have a little helper coming in to help me on Friday (Yaye!)  So hopefully I get everything done before opening week!

Here are a few down loads if you want them!  I am desperately working on getting more up and out but that takes time too.  YOu make something for yourself to use, then to change it to an editiable format takes time, then I have to upload it to a place you can download it.  It is time consuming.  I am thankful that those of you that like them, are patient.  I do not even have time to upload pictures from my phone to my computer so you get embedded pictures from instagram.  I kind of hate that.  I might change it later.

First up my show what you know board. 

Download here. 

Next up. Teacher Tool Box.
I do not have a picture of it yet but here is a picture of one of the drawers.

Download here.  I actually did not set this one down.  That means the box decorations (the orange and purple -other colors too) can move.  You need to just change the text box if you want them to fit!!!!!

Please do not use them to make money off of.  I am totally cool with you using them in your classrooms.  Hell share them with your team.  Just do not upload, change the font and then charge people for them.  K, cool?  Thanks.

Don't forget SLANT boxes are due to ship on the 25th (i just figured out this is a sunday....So, you know either the 24th or 26th.  Just get them to your partners.  I will post the new sign up later tonight as well as a linky probably on Friday! AND!  I will post the winner of my givaway for my puppy contest probably Thursday!

Hope all of your weeks are going wonderful!



  1. I do my posts for the week on Sundays! :)

  2. You crack me up. I find myself laughing out loud because I can here the stress in your typing. I feel exactly the same as you do! I don't know how these teachers do it! Cute blogs, consistent instagram pictures, adorable clothes, organized classrooms, several great resources on TpT, need I say more? I need to get this all figured out someday!!!

    1. Angie, I think they sold their soul to make other teachers feel under-productive. I am kidding. So I am technically a 2nd year teacher, even though I did not work a full year last year. And we have a staff of 1/2 new teachers this year, so everyone that was there last year had to step up and take on new leadership responsibilities. I am our tech liaison, Lego League Coach, AND our math lead! Tack on Grad Studies, PD, being a NEW FREAKING TEACHER, oh and you know having a life....I am having a hard time adding "blogger" into those roles.

      Perhaps I will get there come September. Oh Crap. That is in 10 days.


  3. I'm right there with you. I'm happy if I link up with Doodle Bug Teaching's Five for Friday. It's so hard to find the energy to write a coherent blog post at the end of a busy day.

  4. I totally feel you! Over the summer it was so easy to post, but now that I am moving into the 2nd week, I can't find the time! I mean I barely have to time when I get home to read through all the amazing blogs! I may have to set time aside during the weekend. :) Good luck with the school year!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  5. I just made your Show What You Know board - it's not as nice as yours as I used boring white foam board?? - you know the thick bristol board. But it's pretty awesome!! Thank you so much!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  6. Oh my goodness I can connect to this post! Never mind find the time, I would love to have a little tiny piece of the creativity!! I can't even get my blog to look like something worthy to follow. However, since I do not have any followers that relieves some pressure to post. :-)
    I read your list of your, and then you create this SLANT project for us, take a bow, you are one of the amazing if you ask me!!


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