Teacher Tour Tuesday!

Hey there!  I have been super busy with a class that I am taking for my grad studies called Turtles of the World.  When I get home from class today I will be posting about some of the awesome Chelonians that I have met over the last few days.

In the mean time...Have you checked out Kimberlee at I Teach 5th's new linky?  (PS when will blogger recognize linky as a word?)

iTeach 5th

I am in love with this idea.  Every Tuesday you give a mini video clip of a tour of your room.  Come school start up you will have a whole tour of your room!!!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Well I wanted to join the band wagon but do not have access to my class till August so I thought I would share another tool that I learned about in my teacher prep program. 

This program is a simple to use (keep this in mind) little online program that allows you the ability to map out your classroom.  Because it is so simple though, you can not use ANY angles.  BOOOO.  Kidding. I have a rectangular room with all rectangular furniture.  The other thing I do not like about it is that you can not save to PDF only screen shot, print, or Cookie.  

Negatives aside. It works pretty well for my needs.  And while it is not a movie, It is the best I can do at the moment.  Here is the general set up of my classroom next year!

I guess in some ways I am pretty lucky to have a rectangle classroom.  The bulletin boards in the back I thought were chalk boards, so I am a little disappointed, and I have two crappy white boards that nothing erases from.  I am contemplating painting them one with chalk board paint.  They are pretty worthless, not even magnetic.  When they were designing my classroom they were pretty stupid in my opinion.  There is a fully functioning, AWESOME, HUGE whiteboard BEHIND my smart board.  Over all though I am really happy.  I have computers in my room for some stations, I have quite a few book shelves for storage and I think it is going to be a cozy little room.  (OH the two book stands are actually these really sweet lamps that I made and will show some other time!)  And to be perfetly frank, I am lucky I have a room at all.  There is about 12 teachers next year that will be on a cart.  I had to do that for a semester and it sucked, so I can not say how grateful I am that I have a classroom in the first place. 

So there you have it.

My Teacher Tour Tuesday!

Go on over to I Teach 5th! and get yourself linked up!  Next week I am going to do a video of some of the things that I have made probably.  I have 3 weeks till I can get into my classroom!!!!!  OH THE AGONY!

Cheers, I am off to play with some Turtles!!!


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