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OK I will be totally honest here.  I have had the dream of having an UBER popular teaching blog since I started school to become a teacher.  I am currently at 4 members, and one follower on bloglovin.

***Hey what's up!?!***

One of them is one of my best friends from WAY back, Tess.

She is actually getting married next year to her best friend (in MEXICO) and I am honored to have been asked to be one of her 2 brides maids. Of course I am going.  She is also moving to FLorida in less than a week so I am happy that she follows this blog, it will be a way to stay up to date on what we are doing.

Next I have Chelsea from RedVelvetRooster.

I met Chelsea from doing a different kind of linky party called the Cara Box.  First let me talk about Chelsea.  She is my first follower, and the down to earth mother of Bubba, a precocious toddler with the CUTEST chipmunk cheeks around.  She is a baseball-lovin-bourbon-sippin-boot-wearing-Kentucky-wife.  I got paired with her for my first Cara Box from Wifessionals which is the coolest way to meet new bloggers, get inspired by women, and best of all get a themed PRESENT sent directly to me!  This month it is Nautical!  My absolute favorite!  I have had so much fun picking out Chelsea's gift that I can not wait to see what my partner, Kristen, at Handbags, Hair, and Heels to send me my gift! Kristin is my 3rd member.

She is a sassy and fun.  She dresses to the nines and loves many of the same things I love-nailpolish, big glasses, jewelry, friends and family.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for me!  She is so creative, colorful and cool!

I am very happy that I have "met" both Chelsea and Kristen!

My third and follower I know nothing of, Sara Longsdorf.  I hope you make yourself more known.

The point of this possible rambling is that becoming an international teacher blogger extraordinare does not just happen over night and I want to give a shout out to those that cared first.

So with out further adieu....
It is July.  I have trolled on Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade since she taught 3rd.  I never really had a blog to do her Currently(s) with and now I do.  So here it goes.  There is still time, if you want to link up.  Click here for Farley's Currently!

1. I love this song!  FIrst of all she is sixteen, second of all she is from New Zealand!  What the crap!?!?!?

She is so soulful, and I want her hair!  Well my hair looks like hers when I do something with it but mostly it just looks like a lions mane.  I am sometimes called Mufassa by my students and my friends.  Hey big hair happens. Anyway back to the song.  I love the lyrics, the beat, the flow. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!  The sucks, but here it is for your listening pleasure.

2. I think I have told you all that I live in Minnesota.  We had a really long crappy cold wet spring.  In the last 2 weeks it has finally become summer.  Temperatures in the mid-high 80's, a little humid but sunny and no wind!  SO beautiful!

3. I have been trolling Pintrest and other classroom blogs.  I have so many things that I want to make for my classroom next year I can't hardly keep them all strait.  I also need to go to PartyCity and get all of the stuff for my behavior management coupons. I would post my todo list here but it is so big that it could be its own post!

4. One of the classrooms I troll is Suesstastic.  She has so many great ideas.  I also follow her on Instagram.  She has been posing so many things that I have to buy!  Most of them from Michaels.

5. My school is open and has been open because of summer school, but because of a crazy storm that happened 3 weeks ago there is no power to my wing of the school.  Therefore I can't go organize my room.  Super frustrating.   

6.  One thing I have noticed is you will have a TON of traffic coming to your posts but you have no idea what they were doing there, or how they felt about it, if they liked it or if they are going to come back.  I know, I did it for a long time.  I decided to become more vocal in my bloggin.  And i think it is something that everyone should do.  If you see something you like, tell the author.  If you didn't like it, tell them why and offer a constructive suggestion.    I don't know.  We live in this world where we never see each other anyway with texting and social media, why not start sending warm fuzzies to the folks that spend so much time being your PLC, Support Group, your I'm-Not-The-Only-One-Going-Through-This!  Let them know what you mean to them. 


  1. Well now I am your fourth Bloglovin' follower! We sixth grade teachers have to stick together! :-)

    Surviving Sixth Grade

    1. I am new to this whole blogging and teaching thing so ANY advise, blog/classroom/life related is MORE than welcome!

      Thanks for the follow!


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