Free "Awkward" Font

I know that SOMEONE has a Monday Made it but I can't remember it!!!!  Darn.  

This weekend was crazy busy and I have a grad class today "Turtles of the World" so more pictures will come later today for sure!!!!!

But I wanted to post my very first font.  And let you download it if you chose to!  OK it has some issues.  The main one being that the g and the y get a little cut off.  The second being that it is a little wonky.  I am going to make another, but, will make sure I stay in the lines and try to make it a little more straight.  I made it because I wanted to make my own super cute signature at the end of every post.  It turned into this 4 hour ordeal and well...I am still proud of it in it's awkwardness. 

But if you do not mind a crazy little handwriting font.  Here you go.  Free.  That is write (see what I did there) free.

SOOOOO go ahead and get your free Jameson Michelle Prototype font here.

You're welcome!


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    1. You are quite welcome. I plan to make a better one that is, well, the same just with out hte wonkyness and the cut off of the two letters soon!


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