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End of the Year Gifts?

Ok.  I saw a post at Teaching My Friends about the crazy cute gifts she made for some of her students.  She, like me, does not get the pleasure of only having 20-35 kids, but wanted to get something special.

Last year was my first year teaching.  Even though it was not a full year I will remember each and every one of the 120 students I had last year.  Thier first names, last names, living situations, and if they knew thier multiplication tables or not.  It was a very personal year for me.  

I may not have meant as much to them, but they sure meant a whole lot to me and I wanted to get them something for a summer gift.

However, like I said, I had 120 students. 
This is what I came up with!

For some reason I only have this picture on instagram.  I can not find it anywhere.

Anyhoooooo.  It was pretty easy to make.  I had found Kool-Aid on sale at Target in April for $.50 for 20 packs.  That is like 2 cents per pack.  I then went to Party City and got crazy straws.  They had packs of 12 for $2.99 (Sort of spendy, but I found a coupon for 10% off my purchase.)  

The paper I got for my class room this year earlier at Michaels for three bucks. 

Mathematics of Project
Kool-aid  = about $3
Crazy Straws = about $30
Paper = about $3
Staples = $1 if you need them...I had them on hand
$34 for 120 students....not too shabby in my honest opinion!  Not to shabby!

I made a print out in word for the printing and went nuts.  Basically I printed the words in three columns landscape style.  Then, once printed you cut down the middle.  I folded them in half  and stapled to make a small pocket , shoved the Kool-Aid inside, and tucked a crazy straw into the pocket as well.

The kids really liked them.  Although apparently eating the powder -no water no sugar- is the cool thing to do now so I ended up with Kool-Aid all over the floor and other teachers telling me how the kids had sticky red hands all day.  I also got the few teachers that said I was showing them up.

Which leads me to a question?  What do you do when other teachers look down at you for giving students gifts or having a decorated room?  I have had a few of my co-workers give me some slighted glances and I wonder if they are jealous, or irritated.

Anyway, random thought aside, that is what I did for my end of the year treat for my 120 students!

Have a good day!


  1. I struggled to find gifts for various holidays - both for parent volunteers and kiddos! Thanks for sharing!!

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

    1. For parents/volunteers I have a jar of candy that is kept behind my desk with a small sign that says "It was sweet of you to help, so help yourself" When I have volunteers, they often sit at my desk and staple or cut out things, so it's easy for them to grab, or I just point them in the direction of it. I also have a Kureg, so I ALWAYS offer tea or coffee! I keep about 5 extra mugs in my room for just such an occasion. This actually gave me an idea...You know the "use permanent marker to draw on coffee cups" on pinterest? Oh my goodness I am making some cups for this year that say "I volunteer at BCMS, what is your super power!" Sometimes I slay myself with awesome ideas, Thanks Lauren for helping me work that one out!

  2. Love the post :) I think there is NOTHING wrong for trying to have a nice area/classroom - I mean, look at how many hours we spend there!!!! LOL (too many, for sure). You do what you want to do!

    1. You are so right Kimberlee, I spend more time in there than my bedroom, and my bedroom is decorated to the nines!!!!

      Nautical if you were wondering :)

  3. Love your end of the year gift idea! We also have a large team - 100 students. We usually go in as a team on a gift for our kids. We've varied it from year to year... this year we had an end of the year luau party so we bought all the kids lei's to wear to our party. Your gift is super cute & easy!

    I've also done valentines for my kids. I found the idea on Pintrest. I got paint chips from Lowes and made bookmarks. They turned out cute and the kids loved them. I think they appreciate it when you do something nice for them no matter what the cost/item.

    As for the room and gift, eh, it's probably just jealous. They'll get over it. You should be proud of your room and you're absolutely allowed to get your students a little somethin' somethin'. Own it and Rock it!

    - Amanda
    My Shoe String Life

    1. Oh I love the idea of a team gift. Perhaps I can get my 6th grade girls team together this year and we can do something, other wise I will just do it by my self again. Le Sigh!

      I also love the book mark idea. I just gave regular old boxed valentines last year! Kids like those too!

      Thanks Amanda!
      P.s. Love your blog!


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