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2013-2014 Classroom Update!

I just found out about my daily schedule.  We are going to adopt an AB schedule.  Which means that we will only get 2-3 days a week for PLC but I am happy that I have any time honestly!

Period one - A-PLC  B-Advisory (homeroom)
Period two - 6th grade math
Period three - Prep
Period four - 6th grade math
Period five - math support
Period six - 6th grade math
Period seven- math support

I am excited about this schedule for a few reasons

  1. the kids that need math support are going to get it still.
  2. the kids that need math support will only have one math teacher
  3. the kids that need math support will have me for a block, meaning no longer having to have math 1st hour and support 6th hour
  4. I will have a smaller caseload of students (about 60-70 kids) meaning that I will get to know them better.
  5. I might be able to come to school a little later than I did last year as there is a copy machine in the PLC room!
I am unexcited about this schedule for a few reasons
  1. two preps.  Now I know I should not complain too much as there are teachers out there who have 7, and I know that elementary teachers are prepping for all subjects.  However at my school, every core teacher only has one prep - except now for 6th grade math.  
  2. I have almost no break from 9:57 to 2 pm.
  3. the block.  That could be tough come mid year.  Fortunately they care coming from elementary where the math block is 90 minutes.  Hopefully this will make it seam better to them. 
  4. I have a class in 5th hour.  This is our lunch hour and I know that 6th grade is going to have first lunch.  Meaning they will have math, lunch, math.  It is very tough to get students back on track when lunch is in the middle of their period.
Over all though, I am happy.  It seems as though it will go much smother than last year did.

What I would love to know is what strategies do you use to get your students back on track when a break happens in the middle of their class?  


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