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I Heart Math Holiday Hop

Note:  Use this image to help you "hop" around. The advent calendar has a link to each day of the month HOWEVER, just like a real advent calendar, the posts do not "unlock" until 9 pm EST  the night before the calendar date.

I have the pleasure of linking up with several wonderful math bloggers for a month long holiday hop.

We are excited about this collaboration because each day you can access a different blogger with

great holiday tips and a special gift. Be sure to tune in everyday to read each blog post.

Stocking Stuffer:  Giving Back  This time of the year is super stressful for many of my students.  Quite a few of them are homeless and rely on the school lunches and breakfasts as thier only meal.  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to allow students to give back.  This year we picked a dog shelter SAVE-A-BULL of Minnesota, and are doing a drive to collect leashes, collars and treats.  I also went to the craft store and spent 35$ on fleece that I …