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I Heart Math Holiday Hop

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Note:  Use this image to help you "hop" around. The advent calendar has a link to each day of the month HOWEVER, just like a real advent calendar, the posts do not "unlock" until 9 pm EST  the night before the calendar date.

I have the pleasure of linking up with several wonderful math bloggers for a month long holiday hop.

We are excited about this collaboration because each day you can access a different blogger with

great holiday tips and a special gift. Be sure to tune in everyday to read each blog post.

Stocking Stuffer: 
Giving Back 
This time of the year is super stressful for many of my students.  Quite a few of them are homeless and rely on the school lunches and breakfasts as thier only meal.  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to allow students to give back.  This year we picked a dog shelter SAVE-A-BULL of Minnesota, and are doing a drive to collect leashes, collars and treats.  I also went to the craft store and spent 35$ on fleece that I cut into long strips.  As a class we spent homeroom braiding the fleece to give to the dogs at the shelter.  We are also taking some time to write thank you cards to the new adoptive parents of the dogs that get adopted from the shelter.

This was incredibly powerful for all of my students.  They are able to help our community through raising awareness at our school, and creating something to give.  For many of my students, they want to help but they do not have the means.  I encourage you to help students find a cause and help them to help out.

Here are some pictures of the kids making the toys for the dogs.

If you would like to donate to the same cause in thier name...Please do so by clicking this adorable puppy that is currently up for adoption!

His name is Jackson.  He is pretty Cute!

Stocking Stuffer #2
 Holiday Math Tip
Never underestimate the creativity in your students.  I teach middle school, and use a workshop model of math loosely centered around small groups and a choiceboard that is leveled by Bloom's.  I had a hard time trying to figure out what was going to be in my "create" choice this last unit (multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers).  I ended up putting some blank index cards and a bunch of stickers in my drawer.  My students made some of THE best task cards ever!  IT was easy and kids loved creating and solving thier own problems.  This was an easy way to see just where my students were with the concepts.  You should try it!  Check out some of my student examples here:
 I collected over 200 task cards that the kids made
 Examples of the front of the cards
Student work on the back.  What I liked about it the most was that it was at thier level.  I instantly know that the student in the first column on the top understands how to multiply fractions, he just does not know how to simplify.  I also know that the student in the second column on the top is still using "alternative methods" and does can not do algrothm, NOR do they know the mental math strategy for multiplying by tens  PERFECT. 

A Special Gift:
A freebie!
It would not be the holidays if I did not give and you did not get!  Check out this awesome little freebie!  We are working on our multiplication facts and mental math strategies.  I whipped this up so that my higher students (those that have thier facts memorized) can still be challenged this week!

The idea is that students will use thier understanding of multiplication to try to find the products that go into each of the blank snow flakes!  PS> I fixed the small error, there should also be an arrow going from the snowflake in the center to the top.  I am just lazy and do not want to make another picture.  :)

Click the cover page to be wisked away to my TPT!

Thank you for linking up with me today. Be sure to tune in everyday during the month of December

to read each blog post. So since it is the 10th, click on December 1st to go to the begining of the blog hop!!! Tomorrow Elizabeth Hodges (Hodges Herald) will provide you with wonderful holiday tips and a special gift.

Ps. It is my birthday today!!!!

Have a great holiday guys!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the idea of making toys of dogs! The task cards look great!

    The Math Maniac

  2. Thanks for the freebie! Great to have on hand these last few days!
    Teaching Math by Hart


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